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Monday, November 01, 2004

Kerry's Stepson Steps In It

In a perverse sort of way, I'll be disappointed if John Kerry loses tomorrow. I'm looking forward to having fun at his - and more particularly at his family's - expense. His wife is a total dingbat and, apparently his stepson, Chris, has the maturity of a ... Paris Hilton. In the New York Post today:
October 31, 2004 -- THIS campaign is ending just in time before someone gets hurt. John Kerry's stepson, Chris Heinz, 31, displayed his mother Teresa's famous lack of rhetorical restraint at a recent campaign event with a group of Wharton students. Philadelphia magazine reports: "Heinz accused Kerry's opponents - 'our enemies' - of making the race dirty. 'We didn't start out with negative ads calling George Bush a cokehead,' he said, before adding, 'I'll do it now.' Asked later about it, Heinz said, 'I have no evidence. He never sold me anything.'" Heinz also reminded writer Sasha Issenberg of Pat Buchanan by saying, "One of the things I've noticed is the Israel lobby - the treatment of Israel as the 51st state, sort of a swing state." Buchanan was blasted as an anti-Semite years ago when he cited Israel's "amen corner" in Congress.

The crack about Bush is simply stupid, especially right before the election. The more serious comment - one that goes beyond idiocy - is the "Israel as 51st state" jab. If the mainstream media weren't already blinded to such hateful and, in this case, antisemitic, comments, there would be hell to pay over this. As it happens, though, it will pass without mention. The American Jewish community might wish to keep their eyes on this fool.

My Weblog Has Its Place

Last night over dinner my son expressed surprise that I post most of my entries to BlogFromOnHigh before six o'clock in the morning. What I had to remind him of was the fact that my blog is my passion and my release but I ALSO HAVE TO EARN A PAYCHECK.

So, as the famous literary personality once said, "Hi Ho. Hi Ho. It's off to work I go." Have a wonderful day.

Trick or Treat

Well, this was the fourth year in a row that Halloween came and went and Paula and I had no trick-or-treaters come to our house. I had the lights on. The pumpkins and decorations were all in place. I was prepared to shower the little ghosts and goblins with all kinds of candy. But nobody came. How depressing.

I mean, just because we live three miles from the nearest town on the side of a mountain where no other (human) living soul resides, is that a reason for the kids to avoid climbing my 1/4 mile long driveway to get their Snickers and Juicy Fruit? Come on!

A November Surprise?

I opened my copy of the New York Times this morning with eager anticipation. It was the last chance the Kerry team operating under the guise of editors and reporters had to crush George W Bush in tomorrow's election. I expected to see:
  • George W Bush Fathers Black Sudanese Child
  • George W Bush Said To Have Beaten Laura Unconscious in 1969
  • George W Bush Called Mother Teresa a "Cheap Whore" While Drunk
  • George W Bush Performed Abortion on Family Member
  • George W Bush Peed On His Bible While Reaching For More Bourbon

Instead I see this:

You're going to have to do better than this, fellas. If you're going to defeat my guy, you'll need to make up a story about Bush having let 380 tons of high explosives disappear from an ammo dump in Iraq.

Oh, you've already tried that lie.

I Endorse George W Bush

"November 1, 2004 -- I SUPPORT George W. Bush in this election. I dislike his domestic policies, but I believe he's the right man to con tinue the War on Terror. No combination of other issues matters as much as America's security." (link)

That is it in a nutshell. The President is too liberal for me on domestic issues but the opponent is off the charts (don't listen to the campaign rhetoric; study his record) on the same matters. And domestic issues are all of secondary importance to the War on Terror.

Interestingly enough, I did not vote for George W Bush in 2000 - in the Republican primary. I voted for Alan Keyes because of Bush's positions on domestic issues. I was not enamored by his "compassionate conservatism" and, to his credit, his domestic performance over the last four years was as promised.

But 9/11 changed everything. We can not lose sight of the largest issue of the new century. Kerry often does. Bush never will.

Live From Osama's Cave

"November 1, 2004 -- WHEN John Kerry tries to spin the bin Laden tape to his own advantage, he is fond of saying that the ghoul's message just serves to indicate that he is still around because Bush failed to get him 'when he was surrounded' in Tora Bora.

Kerry's attack misses the fundamental point: If Osama bin Laden, who once sent hijacked airplanes into buildings, has been reduced to mailing tapes to TV stations instead, it means that his capacity for terrorism is being effectively neutralized as he hops from cave to cave in Pakistan." (link)

This is the point I've made for months. Bin Ladin may still be alive but he's directing his "army" of murderers and cowards from a cave in Pakistan via tape recording. Until we find him and kill him, this is fine by me.

The Media Rejects Objectivity

"November 1, 2004 -- If President Bush is re-elected tomor row, the victory will have come de spite the best efforts of two erstwhile American journalistic icons — the Grey Lady of Times Square and Edward R. Murrow's Tiffany Network: The New York Times and CBS News." (link)

Without doubt. Shame on you.