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Saturday, December 04, 2004

This Should Give Fidel Something To Ponder

From the Associated Press today:

CUBA: Top official says U.S. seeks Cuba's 'liberation'

President George W. Bush will be committed during his second term to the "liberation of Cuba" by extending moral and political support to the Cuban people, a top State Department official said Friday.

Roger Noriega, who heads the department's Latin American bureau, also said that once Fidel Castro is no longer in power, the United States is ready to support broad
economic and political reform in Cuba "to ensure that vestiges of the regime don't hold on."

Noriega noted that Washington has a blueprint for providing social, economic and other types of assistance to Cuba in the post-Castro era.

This is sweet. The Bush administration is planning for the day when Fidel is gone. I'll bet that puts a few beads of sweat on his forehead.

Now the president should do what is right and offer the people of Cuba full U.S. statehood!

Vive Cuba libre!

Global War On Terror Continues

I would prefer to live in a world where this wasn't necessary:

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Cancels Overseas Trips Because of Security Concerns

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - The Mormon Tabernacle Choir has canceled its planned tour of northern Europe next year because of concerns about terrorism, and the choir will instead tour the Northwest.

The 360-voice choir was scheduled to make a summer tour by ship of Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. However, Gordon B. Hinckley, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, decided the trip would make the group an easy target for terrorists.

Unfortunately, try as we might, we are not yet able to make the entire world safe and prosperous and free. There are many, many people who resent what we have, hate us for who we are and the manner in which we live our lives, and despise the fact that we rule the world.

I'll bet the choir will still have a full playbook and will draw massive crowds wherever they travel.


In the category of things I don't ever want to know, I'm going to add this (a headline in the Roanoke Times):
So what happens after you flush?

Yick. The short answer is ... yick.

Of course I then had to read the article, and found this:


Like other engineers and wastewater plant operators, [Melvin, Salem's city engineer] Doughty is troubled by the lack of public understanding of sewage treatment.

"People don't understand how important it is" to their public health, tax dollars, economic development, quality of life, water recreation and the environment, he said.

I'm sure it's important, Melvin, but there are subjects I just refuse to explore. Like pap smears. I've heard references to them over the years.

"Honey, I have to go get a pap smear today."

"That's good. Get one for me too, dear."

But I was always afraid that someday someone was going to explain to me what it is ... in graphic detail.

And I would puke.

That, folks, is who I am. Call me a coward if you will. But there are certain things I feel I can go to my grave without ever having learned.


Pap smears.

What Melvin does with my poop.

Catholics To Pay For The Sins Of Their Leadership

In the New York Times this morning:

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 3 - The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange County has reached a record settlement with 87 victims of abuse by priests and lay employees, agreeing to the largest payment ever made by the church in cases involving sexual misconduct, parties involved in the talks said.

The payment is at least $100 million, exceeding the $85 million agreed to by the Archdiocese of Boston last year, said a participant in the discussions who could not be named because of a judicial order against speaking to the news media.

I feel sorry for the parishoners. They deserved better, more competent, more moral leadership in their church heirarchy. It would seem while Catholic bishops here in the USA were attempting to foment rebellion in third world countries in the 70's and 80's, their priests were running wild back home.

A monetary settlement is not sufficient. A lot of these people deserve to have the snot beaten out of them.