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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Terror Strikes the USA Again

Headlines in the Washington Times this morning:
Nine killed in attack on U.S Consulate (link) and Arson suspected in mass blaze (link)
They have their terrorists. We have ours. These eco-thugs in Maryland should be tracked down and punished. Severely.

Whistling Past The Graveyard

Well, incoming Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is taking up where his predessor, Tom Daschle, left off. He's being hyper-partisan, mean-spirited, and a bit detached from reality. From the Wall Street Journal this morning:

Uncivil Senator

Tom Daschle may be gone, but his method isn't forgotten. At least not by his successor as Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, who got his tenure off to a rousing start on Sunday by calling Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an "embarrassment," who writes "poorly" besides.

We doubt this was a slip of the tongue. By attacking Mr. Thomas personally and suggesting he's not too bright, Mr. Reid was signaling to President Bush that if he promotes Mr. Thomas to Chief Justice the fight will be mean and bloody and not limited to Constitutional issues. Democrats will try to destroy the Justice personally, much as they did the first time around. At least we know who has cast the first stone in the coming judicial confirmation battles.

As it happens, this insult comes just when Justice Thomas has been enjoying better publicity for his work both on and off the High Court. The Washington Post published a series earlier this year that was remarkably flattering toward his contribution, and noting that he is very much his own man on the bench. A new book by Atlanta reporter Ken Foskett, "Judging Thomas," also attempts an objective appraisal and concludes he is making a mark on the Court. As a final point, imagine the reaction if, say, Trent Lott had ever dared to suggest that the late African-American Justice Thurgood Marshall wasn't really up to the work? (link)

As I recall, Daschle was bounced by his constituents a few months ago for being uncivil and mean. Reid might want to take that into consideration before he shoots his mouth off and finds himself suffering the same fate.