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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Local Man Exercises His 2nd Amendment Right

There is a message here:

Elderly victim shoots intruder

By RENA POWERS, Staff Writer

December 22, 2004 - SANDLICK - After being shot in the leg and scared that he and his wife would be killed by the two men who had held them hostage for two hours as they ransacked their home, Clyde Colley decided to defend his life and home, investigators say.

Now, one Kentucky man is dead and another is in jail on a long list of charges. Colley, 84, is in Dickenson Community Hospital recovering from the gunshot wound.

At about 8:40 p.m. on Dec. 14, a caller reported to 911 dispatch that a man had been shot at the Colley residence. Dickenson County sheriff's deputies were sent to the home on Route 80 between Haysi High School and Birchleaf.

When officers Scottie Owens and Brett Stallard arrived at the Colley home, they found Hubert Howard Jr., 39, of Letcher County, Ky., dead from a gunshot wound to the head. Police say the shot was fired from a .38-caliber special that belongs to Colley.

Colley was also wounded, suffering a shot to his calf from a .25 caliber gun allegedly fired by one of the intruders. The man accused of shooting Colley, 24-year-old Mazel Sexton, also of Letcher County, had fled the home but was later arrested by local authorities in Kentucky, according to sheriff's investigator John Hall.

For those of you who believe we should not have guns around the house, be my guest. I have no problem with your being disarmed when intruders break into your home and shoot you. Officers Scottie Owens and Brett Stallard will be there to write up the report afterwards. But Clyde Colley - and I - believe differently. And he and his wife are alive today because of it. For those of you who do not live in fairytaleland and who believe in your right to self- defense, I recommend something that has good knock-down power and handles well. Like this.

Your Tax Dollars At Work

When Governor Mark Warner told you he needed to raise your taxes to offset a budget shortfall, I'll bet you thought he meant a budget shortfall. Well, in fact he needed more of your hard-earned income so that his - YOUR - employees could go hunting in Zimbabwe.

Public dime outfitted hunting trip

Top game officials defend $12,000 in state credit-card buys for unapproved travel


Dec 25, 2004 - Virginia's top game officials went on a hunting expedition to Africa three months ago. Now, they're the ones being pursued.

The state is investigating whether officials at the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries improperly used state credit cards to pay for about $12,000 in expenses for the trip. The 17-day jaunt to Zimbabwe was supposed to be about the business of global game management and conservation, at least in the minds of the officials who went. (link)

The governor and his buddies will be back claiming poverty and need of more of your money. You might want to mention to him that you'll be willing to donate him more tax dollars if you can be included on his next safari.

A Day To Be Charitable

Of all the days of the year, why would I pick Christmas Day to come across as being less charitable? I mean, to go after United Way on Christ's birthday smacks of selfishness and nigardness. No matter. I ask, on this the holiest day of the year, that you do not donate to the United Way.

The editors of the Washington Post do just the opposite this morning. They ask for you to support America's largest charitable organization with copius donations.
...it's the poor who suffer. Governments have curtailed programs, and much of the money that individuals and businesses withheld because of the United Way scandals has not been redirected to other charitable organizations. The victims are those who most desperately need assistance, not just in the holiday season but throughout the year.Today's United Way is in a good position to do something about this, and people in a position to pitch in can take comfort in knowing that their generosity will help make a difference.
I don't dispute any of that. My problem with the United Way is, and has been for many years, that they are selective in terms of which needy groups they provide funding to. It is their right, but: In San Francisco the United Way decided to de-fund the Boy Scouts of America in the area because of their having banned homosexuals from being scoutmasters. The boy scouts.

In addition, the United Way has chosen for a number of years to help pay for abortions. They will, of course, deny it, but all you have to do is go here to find a list of partner agencies that the United Way touts as being a "listing of Community Action Partners that received funding and other types of support from United Way of New York City in 2004." The list includes Planned Parenthood of New York City. Or you can go to United Way of Greater Toronto's website and find a similar list of donees, one of which is Planned Parenthood of Toronto. And if you've been living in a cave for twenty years and aren't aware of it, Planned Parenthood is the country's largest abortion provider.

A former employer had a fund drive each year in which they tried to get 100% participation in their United Way campaign. I always participated in the program until the day I heard the United Way had made the calculated political decision to walk away from the boy scouts. I've never given a dime to them since. My then-employer never hit its goal. Too bad. The United Way had made its decision. I made mine.

There will be those of you who will argue that this massive charitable organization does great good and I should look at the big picture. Sorry. I would argue that I am. Assisting those who need food and shelter is important, but stopping the slaughter of the most innocent people among us is, to me, of far greater necessity.

Others will argue that I ultimately shortchange the people who need our assistance by withholding funding of United Way. You're wrong.

And this brings me to the reason I write this on Christmas Day. I provide donations to the poor directly through the Salvation Army. I provide funding to people in temporary need of shelter, clothing, and food through the American Red Cross. And I provide to the one organization that arguably does more good for America's youth than any other - the boy scouts. I urge all of you to do the same - substantially - this holiday season. I made the decision to de-fund the United Way but they are simply a convenient conduit to the organizations that actually provide direct help. Give to them.

I think I can hear that bell ringing in front of the Wal-Mart right now.