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Monday, August 15, 2005

You Have To Get Up Pretty Early In The Morning ...

I found it interesting that John Behan over at Commonwealth Conservative made mention of the same article that I did this morning regarding Tim Kaine and his connection to the people who produced the infamous and shameful NARAL TV ad.

Although his posting was far more insightful, mine was more timely. Behan didn't download his thoughts on the subject to his weblog until 8:12 am. I had already bitchslapped Tim Kaine by 6:39 am and had moved on to Business Week Online. Shoot, I'd already had four cups of coffee by 8:12 am and was thinking about lunch.

So. The lesson to be learned here? If you want the best analysis of a breaking story, wait until the sun is about to set and John will be there for you.

If, by the same token, you want the news as it's happening and pithy criticism to go along with it, get up at 4:00 am like I do each day and rip into your very own copy of www.blogfromonhigh.blogspot.com.

Of course, if you do so, don't expect to have a life ever again.

With that understood, however, you can look forward to reading my weblog while the stars are still out and the tree toads are still yapping at each other. And to be in bed by 6.