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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Trouble In Paradise

The Virginia Tech campus is seething. Aboil with racial hatred. Rife with overt oppressive subjugation of minorities. Either that or it has a few thousand teenagers in residence with time on their hands and mischief in their thoughts.

We all, of course, prefer the racism storyline. It's more exciting. Trendy. Unconscionable.

The latest act to expose the rise of the Klan on campus and the heavy hand of conservative Republicanism throughout the land is this news in the Roanoke Times:
Steger condemns more racist graffiti
By Kevin Miller, The Roanoke Times

Racially insensitive or inflammatory graffiti was written on a door in one of Tech's residence halls.

Virginia Tech administrators have once again found themselves having to respond to an incident of racist graffiti on campus.

Earlier this week, Tech President Charles Steger sent out a statement saying that he was "disappointed and deeply troubled that another incident of hate and intolerance occurred on our campus this semester."

This most recent incident apparently involved racially insensitive or inflammatory graffiti written on a door in one of Tech's residence halls. (link)
Neither college administrators nor left-wing newspapers are allowed to use the "N" word but you can bet that's what's involved here. That's why all these champions of free speech leave us with a confusing void as to what the crime is exactly.

Regardless, my experience on campus allows me to postulate the following:

Tell a bunch of bored college students, who are exploring their new-found independence being out on their own for the first time in their lives, not to do something and you can bet it's going to be done. Often.
In my day it was the "F" word. Any mention of or use of the "F" word in print or on the side of a wall and the worst kind of punishment will rain down on the perpetrator. So, in response to "the man's" hostile and oppressive attitude towards students' right to free expression, the word was used more often by students than "study" or "I understand, professor."

I remember my dormitory roommate once setting the stereo speakers up on the window ledge of our room, cranking up the volume full throttle, and blaring an MC5 tune across campus. The tune, like the rock group, was totally forgettable, but it included the words, "Kick out the jams, mother f**kers!" Now that was cool. Or stupid, depending.

Call it rebellion. Speaking truth to power. In reality it was just adolescent idiocy. A bunch of morons - including moi - getting their kicks and giggles in lieu of studying finite math.

But this reality cannot - will not - be tolerated. Virginia Tech is launching an investigation to determine what to do with the individuals (Republicans all - you can count on it) who committed this heinous crime. Everyone will issue statements. Again. The school will issue a diversity pledge. Again. Diversity experts will be brought to the area to counsel those who have been psychically harmed. Again. Virginia Tech will feel the need for Al Sharpton to come and explain the meaning of it all to the student body. Again. There'll be "coming-together" rallies on and off campus that will include a lot of "F" words. Again. There'll be protests against the four culprits, the university, KKK America, George W Bush, and the fact that the school cafeteria isn't vegetarian-friendly. Again.

And some kids will spraypaint the door of a campus building with the "N" word. Again.

God, I miss my college days.