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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Alton Foley To The Rescue ... I Think

Alton, over at ImNotEmeril, has provided me with more information than I could ever have asked for with regard to laws relating to liquor purchases around this country (see it here). The info - as bizarre as a lot of it was - was actually quite informative.

But I had no idea it was so difficult to buy liquor in so many states around the USA. I'm also wondering now how Alton knows so much about the subject ...

Anyway, I guess I was spoiled when I lived in Michigan. There was a "party store" - that's what package liquor stores are all called there - on every street corner, all run by and owned by Pakistanis, and you could - without difficulty - buy all the rum you wanted without having to jump through hoops. It was very convenient. And the ready access to booze didn't seem to increase the rate of crime or delinquency there, as best I could tell.

But then I was often drunk and incapable of discerning reality from fantasy or remembering most anything that went on around me, so I may not be a good judge.

I blame the Pakistanis, by the way. It think it might have been a Muslim plot to end America as we know it, one liquored-up fool at a time.

Thanks, Alton, for filling in the blanks - so to speak.