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Friday, January 07, 2005

Come Visit The Inner Harbor

I spent a relaxing evening down in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore last night. Even though we are in the dead of winter, it was a wonderful Spring-like evening, allowing me to stroll down and see the old navy ship, "USS Constellation" and to partake of the most delicious cajun crab cakes at Phillips' (you have to order crab cakes when you go to Baltimore; it's the law.) For those of you looking for a spectacular place to visit on vacation, come on up to Baltimore. It provides for great entertainment and lasting memories.

Make Sure You Read The Warning Label

From James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal:
Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch, a tort-reform group, has issued its annual awards for "the wackiest consumer warning label of the year." This year's winner: "Do not use for personal hygiene." It appears on a toilet brush.
I'm still trying to figure out what they thought I was going to do with the thing. I do remember watching this porn movie once where ...

Don't Think I've Forgotten

My permanent boycott of Target Stores seems not to have had its desired effect - yet. Their same store sales in December were up a healthy 5.1%, according to results released to the press yesterday and reported in the Wall Street Journal. You may remember that I declared a moratorium on ever shopping at Target again after their miserly corporate executives banished the Salvation Army bell ringers from soliciting donations to the poor in front of their stores.

I'll not give up on this until one of two things happens: We no longer have poor people in the USA or Target reverses itself on this odious policy. I can wait.

Democrats Look Stupid ... Again

A rather sizeable number of Democrats in Congress gave support to the old adage that you don't have to have intelligence to be elected to high office. Yesterday, they allowed their fringe leftist mentally degenerate elements to embarrass their entire party by standing up against ... 62 million votes for President Bush and declaring their objection to the 2004 vote tally.

With actions like this, you can expect them to be out of power for decades to come. And their de facto leader, Hillary Rodham Clinton, proved herself up to the task of leading this bunch of miscreants and malcontents further into the wilderness.

So much for the new, moderate — dare we say centrist — Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yesterday she lined up with her party's moonbat "They-Stole-Ohio" caucus to headline the first formal congressional challenge to a presidential election since 1877 — only to see the effort, in equal measures baseless and slanderous, fail spectacularly.

The fun started yesterday during the constitutionally mandated joint session to certify the Nov. 2 vote. Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio) objected — and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Cal.) signed on, citing "election irregularities" in Ohio. At which point the session dissolved, with the members retiring to their respective chambers to debate the matter. Then both chambers overwhelmingly rejected the objection.

Even Hillary voted to certify the results — but not before a seismic fracture between herself and her colleague from New York, Sen. Chuck Schumer, appeared:

* Said Schumer: "My view is that you don't hold up the election unless there is concrete real evidence of fraud. I haven't seen that."

* Said Clinton: "As we look at our election system, I think it's fair to say that there are many legitimate questions about its accuracy, about its integrity, and they are not confined to . . . Ohio."

Schumer, of course, is correct. There is no evidence of fraud in the Ohio outcome.


Clinton and her Democratic colleagues yesterday alleged — without actually saying so, of course — that November's election was stolen.

And that's simply outrageous. (link)

Outrageous, yes. But a bit amusing too. These people are so far removed from the mainstream that they somehow see benefit in making themselves look like total losers. And idiots. I can only smile.