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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Democrats Have Lost Their Minds II

I recently touched on the moronic effort of a large segment of the Democratic party - led by Barbara Boxer and Hillary - to alienate as many Americans as possible through their effort to block the certification of President Bush's re-election. I bring it up again because I just read Mark Steyn's take on the same subject in his Chicago Sun Times article today and it is worth highlighting. Here is a portion:

As usual, the media did their best to string along with the Democrats' alternative reality. For the most part, the press now fulfill the same function for the party that kindly nurses do at the madhouse; if the guy thinks he's Napoleon, just smile affably and ask him how Waterloo's going. So Alan Fram of the Associated Press reported with a straight face that Sen. Boxer, Congressman Conyers and the other protesting Democrats ''hoped the showdown would underscore the problems such as missing voting machines and unusually long lines that plagued some Ohio districts, many in minority neighborhoods.''

I think not. What it underscores is that the Democrats are losers. Speaking as a foreigner -- which I believe entitles me to vote in up to three California congressional districts -- I've voted on paper ballots all my life and reckon all these American innovations -- levers, punch cards, touch screen -- are a lot of flim-flam. I would be all in favor of letting the head of Bangladesh's electoral commission design a uniform federal ballot for U.S. elections. But that's not the issue here. What happens on Election Day is that the Democrats lose and then decide it was because of ''unusually long lines'' in ''minority neighborhoods.'' What ''minority neighborhoods'' means is electoral districts run by Democrats. In Ohio in 2004 as in Florida in 2000, the ''problems'' all occur in counties where the Dems run the system. Sometimes, as in King County in Washington, they get lucky and find sufficient votes from the ''disenfranchised'' accidentally filed in the icebox at Democratic headquarters. But in Ohio, Bush managed to win not just beyond the margin of error but beyond the margin of lawyer. If there'd been anything to sue and resue and re-resue over, you can bet those 5,000 shysters the Kerry campaign flew in would be doing it. Instead, Boxer and Conyers & Co. are using a kind of parliamentary privilege to taint Bush's victory without even the flimsiest pretext.

This is the first time I've come across anyone else making the point that I consider critical to this story with regard to all the babble about "stolen elections" and "ballot fraud," etc. The precincts where the Democrats say the largest problems occurred (ethnic, urban, heavily Democratic) are all run by Democrats. It defies common sense that Republican Secretary of State Ken Blackwell in Ohio could have - in any way - influenced ballot tabulations in Cleveland. Or that a Republican Secretary of State in Florida (Katherine Harris) in 2000 could influence heavily Democratic Broward or Dade counties election processes.

And yet, the mainstream media and psycho-dems like Hillary Clinton cry tears of anguish over long lines and too few voting machines in black neighborhoods being an indication of fraud. Ridiculous.

Where Has The Time Gone?

Can it be possible? Elvis would be turning 70? How depressing.
MEMPHIS, Tenn. Jan 8, 2005 — Would the pompadour be gray? Would arthritis have stilled the swiveling hips? Would the lip now curl above false teeth? If he were still alive, Elvis Presley would have turned 70 on Saturday. (link)
It seems like just yesterday he was bouncing little Lisa Marie on his knee and singing "Baby Blue" to her. Sigh.

What Were They Thinking?

The Roanoke Times has a bizarre story about a rodeo that took place in nearby Salem, Virginia on Friday. A "mysterious" man sporting a cowboy hat and a shirt with the American flag on it - who may have been from Kazakhstan(!) - was invited to sing the national anthem. He proceeded to trash the USA before video cameras that apparently accompanied him to the Salem Civic Center.
Introduced as Boraq Sagdiyev from Kazakhstan, he was said to be an immigrant touring America. A film crew was with him, doing some sort of documentary. And he wanted to sing "The Star-Spangled Banner" to show his appreciation, the announcer told the crowd.
Speaking in broken English, the mysterious man first told the decidedly pro-American crowd - it was a rodeo, of all things, in Salem, of all places - that he supported the war on terrorism.

"I hope you kill every man, woman and child in Iraq, down to the lizards," he said, according to Brett Sharp of Star Country WSLC, who was also on stage that night as a media sponsor of the rodeo.

"And may George W. Bush drink the blood of every man, woman and child in Iraq," he continued, according to Robynn Jaymes, who co-hosts a morning radio show with Sharp and was also among the stunned observers.

Then the man took off his hat and sang what he said was his native national anthem. He then told the crowd to be seated, put his hat back on, and launched into a butchered version of "The Star-Spangled Banner" that ended with the words "your home in the grave," Sharp said.
It appears that the man might have been putting a segment together for an HBO show and simply chose to lie to the promoters and managers of the rodeo as to his actual intentions.
By Saturday afternoon, Jaymes had observed that Sagdiyev looked a lot like the title character of "Da Ali G Show," a Home Box Office production that often catches its guests and audiences unaware and then records their reaction to "shock value" material such as Friday night's performance.

The show has a character named Borat from Kazakhstan, according to the HBO Web site.
As far as I'm concerned, if the attendees of the rodeo had caught this character and his film crew and beaten the living hell out of them, it would have made for a great show. As it stands, the assholes at HBO seemingly got the footage they wanted showing negative crowd reaction to an American institution - the national anthem - being dragged through the dirt by some worm in their employ. I'm sure they're all back in New York by now having a big chuckle.