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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Smack Down!

Roger Ailes and the folks at Fox News are learning how to deal with fame. You may remember all the negative press Aisles got when he filed suit against Al Franken over the latter's lifting the Fox slogan, "Fair and Balanced" and using it in the title of his book, "Lies and The Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right." (link) Ailes was roundly criticized for his transparent attempt at intimidating Franken, and most analysts felt he actually worsened the damage by highlighting what would otherwise have been a forgotten attempt at weak humor.

Today's response by a Fox News spokesperson to a stupid attack leveled against the number 1 cable network by "the mouth of the south," Ted Turner, shows that they learned their lesson well.

Drudge provides this account:

Ted Turner called FOX an arm of the Bush administration and compared FOXNEWS's popularity to Hitler's popular election to run Germany before WWII.

Turner made the controversial comments in Las Vegas before a standing-room-only crowd at the National Association for Television Programming Executives's opening session.

His no-nonsense, humorous approach during the one-hour Q&A generated frequent loud applause and laughter, BROADCASTING & CABLE reports.

While FOX may be the largest news network [and has overtaken Turner's CNN], it's not the best, Turner said.

He followed up by pointing out that Adolf Hitler got the most votes when he was elected to run Germany prior to WWII.

He said the network is the propaganda tool for the Bush Administration.

"There's nothing wrong with that. It's certainly legal. But it does pose problems for our democracy. Particularly when the news is dumbed down," leaving voters without critical information on politics and world events and overloaded with fluff," he said.
So did Ailes threaten to sue Turner? Not this time. He smacked Turner up side the head with good old-fashioned scorn mixed with perfectly applied ridicule.

A FOXNEWS spokesperson responded: "Ted is understandably bitter having lost his ratings, his network and now his mind -- we wish him well." (link)


It Ain't Over

I find this reference to a New York Times headline (reported in the Washington Times this morning) interesting.
On Jan. 23, 1973, the day after the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade, the New York Times ran this headline: "Supreme Court Settles Abortion Issue." (link)
It is fair to say, 32 years after the Supreme Court attempted to rewrite the Constitution, that the ruling classes in this country are finding out the hard way that they do not settle anything.

We the people do.

There has been no decision - in the history of the United States - that has been more unsettling. Not Brown v Board of Education. Not Plessy v Ferguson. Not Dred Scott v Sanford. Millions have been murdered, mostly children, but a few abortionists as well. Thousands have been imprisoned. Too many women have been butchered and emotionally scarred for life. Laws have been heaped upon laws to control those who will not rest until the government realigns itself with the will of the people.

It is far from over.

"Settled." In your dreams.

This Bothers Me

We get more details today (from the New York Post) regarding the last moments of those brave firefighters in the Bronx who were forced to jump to their deaths after being trapped on the fourth floor of a burning apartment building.

"We can't get out!" screamed one panicked firefighter trapped alongside the pair on the fourth floor of the building at 236 E. 178th St. in the Morris Heights section, according to recordings of the Fire Department's radio communications.

"Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! Fire in the apartment!" one of the tragic two firefighters is heard yelling.

A stricken firefighter who is watching in horror from outside the rear of the building screams to comrades:

"They're at the windows! They're at the windows!

"There's heavy smoke! Heavy smoke and fire!" he yells.

Then, as six trapped firefighters begin to jump from a window — two to their deaths — he screams, "Fireman down! Fireman down!" (link)

I called my son last night. A Roanoke firefighter. He had already heard about the tragedy in New York. I told him to go to his supervisor and to tell him that he did not care to fight fires in any building higher than three floors. He laughed.

I knew he worked with a ladder company there so I asked him if the extendable ladder couldn't reach the fourth floor of a building. He said it could. Which means the fire that forced those men to jump came upon them so swiftly, there was no time to mount a rescue effort. As the Post reported yesterday, they had only two choices;

Burn or jump.

I asked my son to be careful out there. He replied, "We always are."

I still like my idea of getting an exemption from the supervisor.

This To Them Is Compromise

Hillary has a long way to go if she is going to be a skillful all-things-to-all-people politician. Like Slick Willy. Yesterday she attempted to find "common ground," as the New York Times has reported it, between those who revel in the abortion of our young and those who oppose it.

A little constructive criticism, Hillary. Changing the subject is not going to find you common ground.
Clinton Seeking Shared Ground Over Abortions

ALBANY, Jan. 24 - Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said on Monday that the opposing sides in the divisive debate over abortion should find "common ground" to prevent unwanted pregnancies and ultimately reduce abortions, which she called a "sad, even tragic choice to many, many women."

In a speech to about 1,000 abortion rights supporters near the New York State Capitol, Mrs. Clinton firmly restated her support for the Supreme Court's ruling in Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion nationwide in 1973. But then she quickly shifted gears, offering warm words to opponents of legalized abortion and praising the influence of "religious and moral values" on delaying teenage girls from becoming sexually active.

"There is an opportunity for people of good faith to find common ground in this debate - we should be able to agree that we want every child born in this country to be wanted, cherished and loved," Mrs. Clinton said. (
Essentially she's saying, "I know you are opposed to abortion so let's you and me work on the teenage pregnancy issue together." And nanotechnology. And social security. And the International Monetary Fund. In her twisted mind, this is finding common ground. Promoting non-stick frying pans at the local Mall is going to narrow the gap between the two sides on the abortion issue.

Uh, Hillary, my guess is that your shrewd attempt at being the great mediator is going to fall a bit flat. When I hear you actually acknowledge that the little tissue masses that are being aborted are actually babies, then I'll believe you truly want to find "common ground." When you're cornered with that simple reality, let's see how accommodating you are.

You cannot firmly support Roe v Wade and expect to compromise with those who see abortion as murder.