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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Be Careful, Howie

We conservatives are a well-mannered, easy-going bunch. Not easily provoked. We prefer to sip our wine (I'm trying to be "cultured" here. Actually I drink it straight from the bottle while smoking my cigar.), watch our Fox News, catch a little NASCAR on a weekend afternoon, take a moment every now and then to humbly prostrate ourselves before our living God, chase our women around the house in our cowboy outfi ... skip that ... and occasionally draw down the artillery from the rack, pull out the Hoppe's gun oil, and clean the weaponry, just in case it's ever needed.

We don't look for trouble.

But you don't want to screw with us either.

Which brings me to Howard Dean. You may have read the news that Dean is destined to become the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Personally, I couldn't think of anyone more appropriate. This lunatic should be the posterboy for what has become the asylum for every idiot and wacked-out psychotic in America today. It just seems fitting that the Democratic party and Mr. Aaaarrgrgrgghhh!!!! should be as one.

The Democrats have said some really ugly things about Republicans - especially President Bush and the late President Reagan - in recent years. And the charges they have made regarding our efforts to (a) take over the world, (b) force little children in our public schools to pray to baby Jesus, (c) take money from those who don't have it (?) and give it to those who have all of it (?), and (d) require that all young women who are promiscuous and have an unwanted pregnancy actually give birth --- well, actually now that I look at it, I think maybe I am in favor of all the above after all.

But we've learned that when old Howard opens his mouth, stupid comes dribbling out. And I giggle. He's very entertaining.

But this is on a different level.

I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for. (link)
It is not my place to defend the Republican party. But my guess is Mr. Dean was referring to me rather than them. He, like all Democrats, associate conservatives with the Republican party when, in fact, many of us are much too conservative to be good Republicans. It is everything we stand for that he hates, I believe.

Now I can live with the fact that Howard Dean hates me. Just like the loudmouth in the local tavern late at night with whom you come to an informal truce - stay over there and your Bud will taste a whole lot better - I will get through the day even knowing that Howie hates my guts.

But be careful, Howard. Talk tough if it helps get you chicks. But you don't want to act on that hatred. We may seem like a slovenly and docile bunch but we are perfectly willing - and prepared - to defend ourselves, should you decide to do something stupid. When finally provoked, we can get downright nasty.

No. You really don't want to go down that road.

'Sensitive' Land And Nonsensical Reporters

This tag line on the front page of the Detroit News this morning caught my eye:

Forest Service OKs gas well near sensitive northern Michigan land tract

Hmm. What is a sensitive land tract? Is it ignitable? Is it home to a warren of little bunny rabbits? In the eco-loon world of Gaia-worshippers, is there some extra-terrestrial tree-thingee lurking there, providing harmony to the world's flora and fauna?

Let's find out.

As it turns out, the tract of land is "sensitive" because environmental groups in the area are sensitive to the thought that we might wish to harvest natural gas nearby. That's it.
Forest Service OKs gas well near sensitive northern Michigan land tract
By JOHN FLESHER Associated Press Writer

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) -- The U.S. Forest Service has approved an energy company's plan to explore for natural gas near the AuSable River and a sensitive Crawford County land tract, rejecting arguments that the project was too environmentally risky.

Leanne Marten, supervisor of the Huron-Manistee National Forests, said she concluded after 18 months of analysis that Traverse City-based Savoy Energy could safely drill and operate a well in the area.

"I know that not everyone will be happy with this decision, but I hope people will recognize that forest management must be based on laws, regulations and science," Marten said in a statement Tuesday.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has issued a permit for the project. The company also needs a permit from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. The federal government has leased drilling rights to Savoy.

The plan has drawn widespread opposition because of the proposed well's proximity to the river, prized by anglers and boaters, and the Mason Tract, a stretch of land more than 11 miles long and exceeding 4,500 acres. [my emphasis]

George Mason, a former auto executive, donated the original 1,200 acres to the state upon his death in 1954, stipulating it must remain in its natural condition. More acreage was added later. Mason's relatives have spoken against the drilling plan.

The company's original application in May 2003 would have placed the well 800 feet east of the tract's boundary and about a half-mile east of the river's south branch. A revised version submitted later moved the well and gas production facilities sites farther away.

As approved by the Forest Service, the well would be about three-tenths of a mile from the Mason Tract and six-tenths of a mile from the river. The production facility would be 1.9 miles from the tract and 2.3 miles from the river.
Might there be some risk to drilling for natural gas near there? Read on.

Another gas well facility even closer to the river and land tract has operated 13 years without drawing complaints.

"In addition, there is no information to indicate that the 280 existing oil and gas wells have had a detrimental impact to ... Crawford County's recreation use or economy," [Ms. Marten] said.
280 nearby gas and oil wells. 280! 13 years!

At what point are we allowed to tell these hysterics to shut up and go home?

Prison Headcount Down

This is troubling news:
LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Michigan's overall prison population dropped for the second consecutive year in 2004, but a recent uptick in inmates has state corrections officials expecting the system will reach capacity in July. (link)

Personally, I sleep more comfortably at night knowing that our prisons warehouse all the bad guys. The thought that the prison headcount has gone down tells me that there are criminals on the loose out there.

On second thought, perhaps the people of Michigan could make good use of the extra space. Could they arrest and imprison all the eco-nuts that freak out over the thought that a well might be installed in a remote area of northern Michigan, causing irreparable harm to the bushes and weeds there?

See above.