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Friday, February 11, 2005

This Had To Hurt

Jimmy Carter, he of the Michael Moore/Ward Churchill/Noam Chomsky Hate America wing of the looney left, has decided, begrudgingly no doubt, that the elections in Iraq were probably a good thing after all.

Carter ends silence, praises Iraqi voting
By Robert Stacy McCain The Washington Times

Former President Jimmy Carter, who predicted that elections in Iraq would fail and in the past year described the Bush administration's policy there as a quagmire, this week ended 10 days of silence to declare the historic Iraqi vote "a very successful effort." "I hope that we'll have every success in Iraq," Mr. Carter said in a CNN interview. "And that election, I think, was a surprisingly good step forward."

The Nobel Peace Prize winner's comments on Wednesday contradicted his September assertion that the Iraq elections could not be held by January and ended a period during which the Georgia Democrat's failure to comment prompted one critic to gloat about the election success "shaming him into silence."

Last year, in venues ranging from CNN to National Public Radio, Mr. Carter predicted that Iraq would not be ready for a January election, compared the situation there to the Vietnam War and implied that "the control of oil" was a major reason for the U.S. military presence in Iraq.

"I personally do not believe we will be ready for an election in January," Mr. Carter told Katie Couric Sept. 30 on NBC's "Today" show.

The United States, he said, should "go through the election and then withdraw American troops as rapidly as possible. ... Get us out of there."

As recently as three weeks ago, Mr. Carter predicted low turnout and an unrepresentative result for the Iraq election.

"Whether it's 30 percent turnout or 50 percent turnout, almost entirely Shi'ites and Kurds and just a very few Sunnis, I think, the White House will claim it's a success," Mr. Carter told Matt Lauer on the "Today" show on Jan. 19. (link)

For Carter, the most feckless president of the twentieth century, to admit that President Bush's policy in Iraq is working, had to hurt. He is still, after all, hoping the Iraqi people come to their senses and return his bosom buddy, Saddam Hussein, to power. And right the wrongs foisted upon them by the evil empire.

That would be you and me.

Justice Occasionally Works

Lynne Stewart, she of the Michael Moore/Ward Churchill/Noam Chomsky Hate America wing of the looney left, was convicted on all counts relating to her terrorist activities yesterday.
Lawyer Is Guilty of Aiding Terror

Lynne F. Stewart, an outspoken lawyer known for representing a long list of unpopular defendants, was convicted yesterday by a federal jury in Manhattan of aiding Islamic terrorism by smuggling messages out of jail from a terrorist client.

In a startlingly sweeping verdict, Ms. Stewart was convicted on all five counts of providing material aid to terrorism and of lying to the government when she pledged to obey federal rules that barred her client, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, from communicating with his followers. Her co-defendants, Ahmed Abdel Sattar and Mohamed Yousry, were also convicted of all the charges against them.

The verdict was a major victory for Justice Department prosecutors in one of the country's most important terror cases since the Sept. 11 attacks. (link)
It coudn't have happened to a more deserving person. Stewart is 65 years old and is facing 30 years in prison. Which means we may not have to endure another spectacle of this treasonous wretch spewing her anti-American venom on television ever again - except on PBS, where she will be exalted for her bravery, for her steadfastness, and for her championing the cause of the world's downtrodden. Maybe they will let her room with her soulmate, Mumia Abu-Jamal. At least until he is electrocuted for his crimes.

Personally, I think if the government makes the slovenly and grossly unattractive terrorist groupie take a shower on a regular basis, we have done ourselves a big favor. And maybe a Lean Quisine regimen would be in order as well.

Bye bye, Lynne. See you on the other side.

Where Did the Great Thinkers Go?

I made mention the other day of the fact that a person can become a tenured professor, department chair, and exalted campus intellectual without having any meaningful credentials. Or even a fair degree of intelligence. I used Ward Churchill, Colorado University professor of ethnic studies (whatever those are), as the perfect example.

I return to the subject because George Neumayr, executive editor of The American Spectator, has something similar to say - and therefore makes me look really smart.
On Wednesday night, CNN's Aaron Brown discussed the Ward Churchill controversy with guest Dahlia Lithwick of Slate.com. He asked a question of her that produced a perfect description of modern universities. Brown: "Just on the face of it academic freedom ought to embrace even dumb things, I suppose. Is that right?" Lithwick: "That's sort of the cornerstone of the notion of what university is about, Aaron.

"This cornerstone isn't exactly of an ancient coloring. It wasn't laid at Oxford, Bologna or Cambridge -- the scholars who started these schools would be surprised to learn that the promotion of irrationality is the university's founding purpose. No, this cornerstone was laid more recently at, say, Berkeley, and on its wobbly footing professors have been giving impressionable minds the chance to experience stupidity ever since.

That embracing dumb ideas is the cornerstone on which universities are now built explains why those who exercise reason and demand the observance of rational standards are treated as the only real threats to academic freedom. It explains why tenured professorships are meted out not on the basis of intelligence but its absence -- on a kind of promise not to use one's mind should it conflict with reigning academic dogmas. Playing dumb is now an academic job requirement. Literally dumb: you must not say or see certain things. (link)
Thus you have tens of thousands of young adults enduring idiots like Churchill; their only intention being, "Just let me get my passing grade and get away from this creep." No exploration of ideas. No pursuit of a higher understanding. Avoidance of the truth. Regurgitation of radicalspeak in order to graduate. Adherence to unwritten classroom thought codes.

Many of these students will do what I did. I can remember sitting through a "Sociology of Religion" class one semester in which the (black) professor ranted day after day about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Selma, Jim Crow, and the racist white political/social/economic ruling classes here in KKKUSA. I don't remember whether we ever got around to talking about the Baptists or not. I took the exams, said the right things about whitey, and moved on. It was a total waste of time and money but I did what most students do today. I endured it. I played along. I learned - later - on my own - that which this miserable professor was paid a tidy sum to teach me.

Other students see the opportunity in hopping on board the gravy train. They major in "ethnic studies." Or "feminist studies." They graduate with worthless degrees and skulls chock full of meaningless drivel, and attempt to become Ward Churchills on their own, writing about the racist white political/social/economic ruling classes here in KKKUSA. Using a lot of "F" words to punctuate the seriousness of their pursuits.

Welcome to the world of academic higher learning, 21st century.