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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

'Artwork' Found. Shucks.

Disappointing news from Reuters:

OSLO (Reuters) - Norwegian police recovered three pictures by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch Monday a day after they were stolen from a hotel, Norway's NRK public radio said.

It said that the police had recovered a 1915 Munch watercolor, "Blue Dress," and two lithographs -- a self-portrait and a portrait of Swedish playwright and novelist August Strindberg.

Police were not immediately available for comment. (link)

Well, I have a few comments.

1) I've seen better "artwork" on a stall wall in the men's room at the Travel America truckstop over in Wytheville.

2) I've created better artwork in the snow after having consumed great quantities of Bud Lite. (Use your imagination.)

3) Now that this "art" has been found, can we lose it again? Posted by Hello

We Are Diverse. Except For The Following Subhumans.

A funny - and revealing - offering from James Taranto in the Wall Street Journal:

Lockstep Diversity

"WE WELCOME DIVERSITY" proclaims the Web site of Ocean Haven, an Oregon inn. "Respecting the interdependence & diversity of all life."

Well, maybe not all life. The
homepage offers some qualifications:

Wow, this place sounds almost as diverse as a college campus!
So true. So true.

The Glory of France

This headline and accompanying tagline in the Wall Street Journal this morning caught my eye.
Let Us Be Partners
France Has a Glorious Military Tradition (

Say What? Has John Kerry resurfaced and written another bit of whimsy? No. It is an article written by MICHELE ALLIOT-MARIE, the Defense Minister of France.

Ah, it gets even better. The Defense Minister ... of France. So many opportunities for chuckles. The last time I remember reading anything about the Defense Minister of France, he was surrendering Paris to the Nazis. Defense? His strategy consisted of ... "Please don't shoot us. Take what you want. We never liked those damn Jews either."

So I decided to check out the Defense Minister's article.
When President Bush was in Europe, he made it quite clear that he wanted to revitalize the trans-Atlantic partnership and work with the European Union. The message was well received and is helping to create a new atmosphere on both sides of the Atlantic. This is important because a fresh ambience will facilitate the dialogue and cooperation we particularly need today.
"Fresh ambience." "Facilitate dialogue and cooperation." This from the Defense Minister of France. How does this translate? Beats me.
It is vital for Europeans and Americans to hold in-depth strategic dialogue on all these issues to prevent a repeat of past errors and to allow us to act in coordination. Each of us has strong points and weaknesses in relations with certain parts of the world. If we work together, that diversity will be an asset. If we allow our differences to be exploited by others who do not share our objectives, we shall lose.
Vital? For whom? You are at the core of what Donald Rumsfeld derisively - and accurately - referred to as "Old Europe." Irrelevant fossilized impotent decayed old Europe.

"... we shall lose." That's the only part of this that I'm willing to listen to. After all, one should pay attention to people with experience, and the French are pros at losing.
I strongly believe that to deal with the crises and threats confronting us, we need both the military stick and the diplomatic carrot.
And don't forget your trusted white flag.
France has a glorious military tradition and has troops serving in the field in Afghanistan, the Balkans, Africa and Haiti. In Kosovo, 3,000 French soldiers are deployed side by side with 1,800 American soldiers.
For the purpose of setting the historical record straight, before Michele tries to take credit for the defeat of the English at Agincourt, France deployed troops to Afghanistan after the USA defeated the Taliban. French troops proved to be completely and utterly incompetent and feckless in the Balkans. It was the USA that sent the Serbs packing. In Africa, the French have proven their worth by failing to halt the violence in the Ivory Coast, a tiny country where the local inhabitants hate the French more than they do the rebels fighting there. Yes, the French have troops in Haiti but ... who cares?

"France has a glorious military tradition." Stop. You make me laugh.