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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Here's My Plan For The Day

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Breaking News: Pandas Had Sex

The pope has been buried. Terri Schiavo's ashes have been flushed down the commode. So all our news organizations have to report is this:
Pandas at San Diego Zoo Successfully Mate

SAN DIEGO - The two giant pandas at the city's zoo retired to their favorite spot under a few bushes and mated over the past two days — the only successful natural insemination of a panda this year in the United States, officials said Saturday. (
Do you suppose the zoo had someone who actually trained binoculars on the pandas as they were doing it?

"Yes, chief, I can verify coitus. Gao Gao has a smile on his snout and Bai Yun has a song in her heart. Mission accomplished, chief."

Now there's a job I do not want.

I'll Bet This Makes Sense

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Tim Kaine has a tax relief plan. Candi Kaine wants to allow local governments to collect less in property taxes and require the state to collect more for education spending.
Kaine: State tax help needed
He says with Va. paying its share for education, localities can reduce real estate taxes
BY Jeff E. Schapiro, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

Lt. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, the presumed Democratic nominee for governor, said yesterday that local governments can't cut property taxes without financial help from the

"There is no way to hold homeowners' taxes down unless the state is a partner and we pay our share," he told about 60 people many wearing Kaine stickers -- at the first of four town-hall-type meetings spotlighting his plan to reduce local real estate taxes.

Kaine is proposing an amendment to the state constitution that gives localities the option to exempt from taxation the first 20 percent of a home's total value.

Kaine said that under his plan, counties and cities could trim residential taxes -- the main source of education dollars -- because the state would pay its full share of public school aid. (link)
Now Paula would be the first person to tell you that I'm not very bright. And I'm beginning to believe it myself. But if we reduce local property taxes by - say - $850 million and turn around and raise state income taxes by - say - $850 million, to cover the education expenditure, what have we gained?

And yet all the local newspapers will be out there touting this bold initiative that will reduce our tax burden.

As that famous American once said, "Scotty, beam me up."

I'm Getting a Bad Feeling About This Guy

With all the problems that we here in Virginia face, this ain't one of them.

Kaine says large lot sizes are encouraging sprawl
He speaks to U.Va. class; Kilgore will get chance next week
BY Tyler Whitley, Richmond Times-Dispatch Staff Writer

CHARLOTTESVILLE - Lt. Gov. Timothy M. Kaine said yesterday that the state should work with counties and cities to develop incentives or controls to discourage large lot sizes.

Large lots are contributing to suburban sprawl, which in turn is causing the need for more highways, Kaine told students at the University of Virginia.

Kaine, the presumptive Democratic candidate for governor, spoke to political commentator Larry J. Sabato's "Introduction to American Politics" class. His likely Republican opponent, former Attorney General Jerry W. Kilgore, will address the students on April 13.

Too often, localities zone for large lot sizes to keep poor people from living in their jurisdictions, Kaine said. The larger lots "make it hard for a teacher or a firefighter or a policeman to live in the jurisdiction where they work." (link)
Talk about majoring in the minors. Does he intend to seek legislation limiting the amount of property a person can own (he is a Democrat after all and therefore should be feared)?

Highways in the Richmond and Washington DC areas are in deplorable condition. Businesses in Southwest and Southside Virginia are closing their doors. The tax burden on Virginia citizens is immense.

And Candi Kaine is concerned about zoning ordnances and lot sizes. You're scaring me, man.

Hillary In Search Of a Message

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-Whitewater) was in Minneapolis yesterday confusing the Democratic rank and file.
By IAN BISHOP, New York Post

MINNEAPOLIS — Sen. Hillary Clinton was introduced by a Senate colleague to the state Democratic Party here as "the next great president of the United States" — and did nothing to deny it as she skewered the GOP.

"We are headed to a brave, new world of extremism, and we need to make clear we're not going there," she told a sellout crowd of 2,000 who paid $100 a head to see her. "We stand against their radical, reactionary right-wing agenda."

Clinton sounded every bit the stumping presidential contender as she slammed the Republicans for driving up the national debt, wrecking overseas alliances and leading the nation on a domestic path "well outside the mainstream."

She lambasted Republican members of Congress as "extras in the movie 'I Robot' " who "mindlessly rubberstamp the agenda of this administration" and want to do "little more than fund the military and build some highways." (link)
Well, which is it, Mrs. Clinton? Do the Republicans have some secret radical, reactionary right-wing agenda or are they interested in little more than funding the military and building some highways? Or are funding the military and building some highways part of a radical, reactionary right-wing agenda?

You sound confused. As usual.