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Saturday, May 07, 2005

I Have Good News and Bad News and Bad News

First the bad news: Ron Carter was hit by a car and was injured.

More bad news: The car was being driven by his mother, Lillian.

The good news: He had just been checked out of the hospital and was standing in front of it when injured. He didn't have far to go to receive treatment.
Mom Crashes Car Into Son Leaving Hospital

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) -- A man on his way out of the hospital ended up back inside after his mother hit him with her car when she came to pick him up.

The accident happened as Lillian Carter, 84, was heading to the entrance of Elliot Hospital Thursday afternoon to get her son, police said. Ron Carter, 49, was walking to meet her when the car sped up, struck him and then crashed into a concrete pillar. (
The incident, no doubt, brought another piece of good news to Mr. Carver. His mother went down with him.
Both were admitted to the hospital, with Ron Carter suffering from serious injuries.

Missing The Point

There is a battle being fought in Montgomery County, Maryland (outside Washington DC) over sex-ed.

Another sex-ed class; another battle.

Montgomery Blindsided Over Sex-Ed
Program Backers Blame Conservative Movement
By Lori Aratani and Daniel de Vise, Washington Post Staff Writers

Maryland's largest school system has become a battleground over what students should be taught about sex and a symbol, some supporters of the new curriculum said, of the increasing influence the conservative movement is hoping to play in public school classrooms.

Five months after the Montgomery County Board of Education approved a new approach to teaching students about homosexuality and condom use, a federal judge put a 10-day hold on implementation of the program, which allowed teachers to initiate discussions with eighth-graders about homosexuality and included a video for 10th-graders on how to put on a condom.

The new sex education program, approved by the board in November, was designed with the intent of promoting tolerance among students and of giving them more information so they could be better informed about making decisions about having sex. The most significant changes were at the eighth-grade level, where teachers would have been allowed to initiate discussions about homosexuality, and at the 10th-grade level, where students would have watched a seven-minute video that included information on how to put on a condom. (

There is a point being missed. Montgomery County (with a graduation rate of73% of the county's youth) isn't teaching its children to read well. So it has decided to teach kids how to have homosexual sex instead. Minority students, in particular, are being shortchanged.

So we find ourselves in another situation where students will be leaving school knowing all about homosexuality - but finding themselves unable to chronicle their educational experience. They are, in tragically large numbers, illiterate.

First things first, people. Teach them how to read and write. Then teach them how to be homosexuals.