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Sunday, May 15, 2005

My Congressman Votes Against Parents

Mysterious and elusive Congressman Rick Boucher (D-Southwest VA) has received the thanks of America's leading abortion provider - Planned Parenthood - for voting his opposition to a House bill that would require parents to be notified before their teenage daughter left her state of residence to have an abortion.

That's right. Boucher opposes parents' involvement in an under-age child's decision to abort their grandchild.

This is the same Rick Boucher who, once every two years, will fly down here to what's left of his district, make an appearance before a small crowd of the clueless, profess his deeply-held religious (Methodist) beliefs to his embarrassingly fawning constituency, relate to them in tones dripping in sentimentality and piety how God is exerting powerful influence over his life as well as over the decisions he makes, and then, as quickly as he appears, come election day, he will take a shower to cleanse himself of Southwest Virginia filth, return to his comfortable life back in Washington, and do everything he possibly can to increase the number of babies being slaughtered in Planned Parenthood abortion mills.

And he'll kick back the day he's reelected and smile as the Roanoke Times writes glowingly about his being the champion of ... well, they don't know exactly what he's ever championed, but he's their guy and that's really all that's important.

And the people who live here in Southwest Virginia will praise Rick Boucher for being one of us, a God-fearing man who fights to preserve all that which we hold dear.

You'd think that that would include the prevention of the slaughter of little babies. Or the encouragement of parental involvement in rearing children. But no.
Planned Parenthood strongly encourages teenagers to talk with their parents about sexual health decisions, including abortion, and research suggests most do. But in the real world, parental involvement is not always in the minor's best interest ...

Maryland Representatives Chris Van Hollen, Albert Wynn, Elijah Cummings, Wayne Gilchrest, Ben Cardin and Dutch Ruppersberger and Virginia Representatives Jim Moran, Rick Boucher, and Robert Scott voted AGAINST this dangerous legislation. ... thank them for opposing legislation that does nothing to promote healthy communication between parents and their teens. (link)

Yes. Everyone in Southwest Virginia should thank Rick Boucher for being there to prevent parents from counselling their children. He'll be (slummin' it) making another appearance in about 18 months. You can thank him then.

He's In Trouble Now

I cited Mexican President Vicente Fox's offensive remarks yesterday that had to do with his being upset that we would consider keeping Mexicans from fleeing his wretched country and crossing the border into the USA illegally.

I noticed, but didn't mention, his use of one word in one quote that, when I read it, I said, "Man, he's in trouble now."

That word is, "even." This comes from today's New York Post.

Mexican President Vicente Fox came under fire yesterday for saying Mexicans were willing to take jobs "that not even blacks want to do in the United States."

"There's no doubt that the Mexican men and women — full of dignity, willpower and a capacity for work — are doing the work that not even blacks want to do in the United States," Fox told a meeting of the Texas-Mexico Frozen Food Council in Puerto Vallarta on Friday.

Fox's remark came a day after Mexico announced it would formally protest recent U.S. immigration reforms, including the decision to extend walls along the border and make it harder for illegal migrants to get driver's licenses.

While Mexican newspaper Milenio called Fox's comment "racist" in a front-page headline, and the newspaper Reforma called the president's words "controversial," the Rev. Jesse Jackson called them "unwitting, unnecessary and inappropriate." (link)
" ... not even blacks." Not so bright, Vic.

We haven't heard the last of this. Somebody should let Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan know (where Mexico is and) about this.

I'm going to kick back and watch the fireworks.

Oh, That'll Work

Nicholas Kristof is a columnist in the employ of the New York Times. Although he doesn't write all that well, and his expressed opinions some days can best be described as inanity masquerading as proselytizing, he is renowned by the left for his wisdom and insight.

Today's wisdom involves political strategy. Kristof suggests to all the liberals out there that they should read the Bible (good start; they certainly need to) and use it against the evangelical right.

Now that in itself is not a new strategy. Since conservative America swept George W. Bush back into power in 2004, politicians from Hillary Clinton to John Kerry have taken time out to learn a few lines from Scripture in order to convince people that they are God-fearing Christians. The leader of the Democratic National Committee (Howard Dean) has even learned that the Book of Job is in the old testament rather than the new - the hard way. It'll be left to others to decide if this stratagem is working.

But what makes Kristof's suggestion stand out is his call for leftists to attack Christians by attacking the Bible as it's been used by the right in the past. What a great idea.

Liberal Bible-Thumping

Even aside from his arguments that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and that St. Paul was a self-hating gay, the new book by a former Episcopal bishop of Newark is explosive.

John Shelby Spong, the former bishop, tosses a hand grenade into the cultural wars with "The Sins of Scripture," which examines why the Bible - for all its message of love and charity - has often been used through history to oppose democracy and women's rights, to justify slavery and even mass murder.

It's a provocative question, and Bishop Spong approaches it with gusto. His mission, he says, is "to force the Christian Church to face its own terrifying history that so often has been justified by quotations from 'the Scriptures.' "

This book is long overdue, because one of the biggest mistakes liberals have made has been to forfeit battles in which faith plays a crucial role.

"Can we really worship the God found in the Bible who sent the angel of death across the land of Egypt to murder the firstborn males in every Egyptian household?" Bishop Spong asks. Or what about 1 Samuel 15, in which God is quoted as issuing orders to wipe out all the Amalekites: "Kill both man and woman, child and infant." Hmmm. Tough love, or war crimes? As for the New Testament, Revelation 19:17 has an angel handing out invitations to a divine dinner of "the flesh of all people." (link)
Christians are war criminals ...
Liberals can and should confront Bible-thumping preachers on their own terms, for the scriptural emphasis on justice and compassion gives the left plenty of ammunition. After all, the Bible depicts Jesus as healing lepers, not slashing Medicaid.

" ... healing lepers, not slashing Medicaid." He's slipped back into his signature inanity.

Uh, Nick ... I'm no political strategist, but this may be as stupid an idea as I've ever read. Democrats hope to lure more conservatives to their fold so they're to attack Christians and the Bible? Why not just come out against marriage? Children? America?

Wait a minute. I think the idiots on the left have already beaten him down that path.