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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This Is So Offensive ... I Think

I'm not sure what is going on in this country I love.

PORN star Mary Carey ... is set to spice up the National Republican Congressional Committee's "Salute to Freedom" dinner with President Bush next month. The former fringe candidate for California governor and star of "Lesbian Big Boob Bangeroo 2" and "Thumpin' Melons" will be the guest of her boss, Kick Ass Pictures president Mark Kulkis, an honorary chairman of the NRCC's Business Advisory Council. The prurient pair will also attend a lunch with top Bush advisor Karl Rove, who Carey hopes will give her tips on her planned run for California lieutenant governor next year. (link)
I'll be honest. I'm not up on the latest porn releases. But you gotta admit, movies entitled, "Lesbian Big Boob Bangeroo 2" and "Thumpin' Melons" have a certain allure. Maybe I'll rent them and tell Paula I'm checking out Mary Carey's political assets.

Congress Knows How To Teach Our Kids

I've always wondered why the federal government involves itself in any way in the education of America's youth. As best I can tell, we have a Department of Education that is given the responsibility of taking money from taxpayers in all the various states and turning around and handing it over to all the various states. Hmm. I know I 'm not all that bright but ...

Well, it seems the feds - in the form of the legislative branch - have provided a reason for the national government to be involved in local education matters.
Schools Told To Hold Constitution Day
By George Archibald, The Washington Times

Congress has ordered all federally funded schools and colleges to hold an educational program each year on or around Sept. 17 to commemorate the anniversary of the 1787 signing of the U.S. Constitution, according to a notice sent to educators yesterday.

Department of Education officials acknowledged their reluctance to dispatch the notice to chief state school officers and college and university presidents instructing them to conduct the program.

"We provided the notice consistent with the law's requirement," said Susan Aspey, Department of Education spokeswoman.

The congressional requirement was slipped into an omnibus appropriations bill in December by Sen. Robert C. Byrd, West Virginia Democrat. Mr. Byrd prides himself as the Senate's chief proponent of America's historical legacy. (link)
Robert Byrd instructing our educators on how to teach our children. Jesus. All hope is lost.

It Was All Bush's Fault

Senator Lindsay Graham, one of the gang of seven who abandoned his party to cut a deal with the devil, blames President Bush for the whole affair and for the way it played out.

Such chutzpah.
GOP senator faults Bush in filibuster deal
By James G. Lakely and Ralph Z. Hallow, The Washington Times

Sen. Lindsay Graham, the South Carolina Republican who helped craft the compromise that effectively scuttles several of President Bush's judicial nominees and saves others, said he hopes the White House has learned a lesson.

"The White House has to more closely collaborate with the Senate," Mr. Graham said, adding that if Mr. Bush had employed a little more personal charm and politics, he might have had his way.

"If we talk more, we'll get a better result," Mr. Graham said. "Talking helps. This president is a wonderful person to speak to in person. I think this gives [Mr. Bush] a fresh start." (
Graham, who came across more like a groupie enthralled with the John McCain rock band than a United States Senator, has a lot of nerve blaming his cowardice on the President.

His, "The President could have stopped me from caving, had he tried" defense is lame.

He Got What He Wanted

John McCain, despised by conservative America and loved by the Democrats, got what he wanted out of the filibuster compromise debacle - praise from the mainstream media.

An example:
The Senate's Real Leader
By David S. Broder, the Washington Post

The Monday night agreement to avert a showdown vote over judicial filibusters not only spared the Senate from a potentially ruinous clash, but also certified John McCain as the real leader of that body.

In contrast to Majority Leader Bill Frist, who was unable to negotiate a compromise with Minority Leader Harry Reid or hold his Republicans in line to clear the way for all of President Bush's nominees to be confirmed, McCain looks like the man who achieved his objectives.

... no one else in the negotiating group has McCain's national stature, and no one else is a likely presidential contender three years from now. So, while such would-be candidates as George Allen of Virginia and Sam Brownback of Kansas lined up behind Frist, McCain took the harder road and helped organize the bipartisan effort that averted the looming crisis. (link)
Shoot, let's just make him Emperor.

Or appoint him President.

Because that's the only way he's ever going to put his jammies in a drawer at the White House. There are those pesky party primaries, you see. Somehow McCain clings to the idea that he can sweep into our highest office on the wave of New York Times and Washington Post adulation. Heck, it worked for Bill Clinton, right?

But unless McCain switches parties (I would recommend it), he'll never be President because conservatives are a huge voting block in Republican primaries and are the most active party organizers. Conservatives will knock on doors and man the phone banks for someone who they consider one of their own. Right now, they wouldn't help McCain wipe the drool that routinely runs down his chin.

The facts of life, John. Don't take it personally. And you still have David Broder on your side.

Capitalism 101

I was living in Detroit in the late 80's. Sometime around then, Canada decided to levy a massive tax on cigarettes at the retail level. This resulted in a flood of Canadians from Windsor crossing the river and buying armloads of their favorite smokes in Detroit.

Then, in the early 90's, the state of Michigan decided it needed additional revenue, so legislators there - mostly Democrats - went after resident smokers (who are statistically the least able to afford higher taxes; so much for liberals shedding tears for the poor) and raised the tobacco tax to $2 per pack.

Well, people are going to do what they gotta do. And so is government.

$5,000 bounty is offered to smoke out tax scofflaws
State cracks down on Web cigarette buyers
By Nick Bunkley / The Detroit News

Thousands of Michigan smokers are getting burned by their attempts to avoid the state's $2-a-pack cigarette tax by ordering online.

The state Treasury Department has sent letters to more than 2,800 residents ordering them to pay an average of $3,200, spokesman Terry Stanton said. The crackdown, which started in February with about 500 letters, already has netted $2.5 million.

The state eventually could target thousands more Michigan smokers -- and taxes collected could grow to tens of millions of dollars -- as more vendors respond to subpoenas demanding information about online cigarette purchases made since 2001.

Two Web sites, eSmokes.com and DirtCheapCig.com, gave up the names of 11,579 Michigan residents who bought 581,808 cartons, costing the state $8.5 million in taxes. A third site has started identifying customers, and the state subpoenaed United Parcel Service to get information about shipments from some of the 10 companies that haven't responded.

The state, which is facing a revenue crunch due to the slumping economy, is prosecuting dozens of residents who bought more than 300 cartons online, according to a report on the Treasury Department Web site. Rewards of up to $5,000 are being offered to "concerned taxpayers" who tell authorities about tax-free cigarette purchases. (link)
Don't you love it when government goes out of its way to create criminals out of otherwise law-abiding citizens?

The upshot of all this, besides the fact that the state of Michigan will be sending residents to prison because of their addiction, is that retailers in the states of Kentucky and North Carolina are doing a booming business in cigarette sales. People, on their way north or south through either state, are buying armloads of cigarettes for themselves, for relatives, for neighbors - and for resale when they get back home.

When the states of Kentucky and North Carolina are taken over by tax-happy Democrats, smokers will then turn to Honduras. Then the Philippines. And much of the cigarette commerce, because of the confiscatory taxation relating to it, has gone underground.

Rest assured, cigarettes will never disappear from the lips of American citizens. And as long as there is a will, there'll be a way.

Ah, capitalism.

Stem Cell Fad

I was perhaps too hard on liberals the other day. The thrust of my argument was that they have this psychological quirk whereby they get caught up in these fad movements, devote their lives, their homes, our way of life to them, and , as quickly as they take up these causes that -unless fixed - will end our way of life, they drop them to move on to another fad.

Although every bit of it is true, it seems there are normal people that get caught up in fad hysteria too.

Take stem cell research.

House Approves a Stem Cell Research Bill Opposed by Bush

WASHINGTON, May 24 - The House passed a bill on Tuesday to expand federal financing for embryonic stem cell research, defying a veto threat from President Bush, who appeared at the White House with babies and toddlers born of test-tube embryos and warned the measure "would take us across a critical ethical line."

The vote, 238 to 194 with 50 Republicans in favor, fell far short of the two-thirds majority required to overturn a presidential veto, setting up a possible showdown between Congress and Mr. Bush, who has never exercised his veto power. An identical bill has broad bipartisan support in the Senate; moments after the House vote, the Senate sponsors wrote to the Republican leader, Bill Frist, urging him to put it on the agenda.

Human embryonic stem cells, isolated from human embryos for the first time in 1998, have the potential to grow into any cell or tissue in the body, and so hold great promise for treatment of disease. (link)
That last sentence outlines what has turned otherwise sane people into ... liberals, for a brief point in time. Just listen to all the stem cell advocates rave about the potential uses of stem cells. Why, they're going to cure alzheimer's and Lou Gehrig's diseases, various cancers and cystic fibrosis. The blind will see. The lame will walk.


The cold, hard facts are that stem cells haven't been used to cure anything. They are not known to be able to cure anything. Scientists are nowhere close to taking living human organisms and converting them into lungs or spleens. The research is just that. Scientists don't know if stem cells will serve any purpose.

My suggestion to all of you is to take a cold shower and calm down.

Scientists around the world are doing their experiments to determine what potential, if any, stem cells may have. They'll get back with you when they reach their conclusions - forty years from now.