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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

If The Episcopal Church Gets Any More Inclusive

The hierarchy within the national Episopal Church decided a few years ago that the church wasn't "inclusive" enough. So they ordained a gay bishop. They've been losing membership - and funding- ever since and, in the case of one of their churches in Midland, Texas, the church has decided to exclude all those who don't agree with their inclusiveness.


Church worships together for last time
Elise Rambaud, Midland Reporter-Telegram

Members of St. Nicholas' Episcopal Church and supporters from churches around the city, state and nation began to fill the pews nearly an hour before Sunday's service.

By 7 p.m., chairs spilled out into the sanctuary's foyer until there was standing room only. It was the final Sunday many of St. Nicholas' parishioners would gather together in the building they built only four years ago.

Nearly 90 percent of the congregation is leaving St. Nicholas' to begin Christ Church Midland (Anglican Communion) after Bishop Wallis Ohl of the Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Texas told those who were dissatisfied with the direction of the national Episcopal Church to leave the St. Nicholas church building by June 1 [my emphasis]. Controversy has been over Biblical teachings and the denomination's election of a gay bishop and stance on same-sex marriage blessings.

"At this last gathering of our congregational family, there will be grief, but also hope and confidence as we move forward to share Christ's love as a new church, Christ Church Midland," said the Rev. Jon Stasney, rector of St. Nicholas.' "Bishop Ohl's instruction that we leave our church home hurts us deeply, but it's clear God is calling us to stand up for Biblical values and share Christ's love in new ways. We are standing with the majority of Christians throughout the world and throughout time."

Similar sentiments were expressed by parishioners Sunday. (link)
Care to weigh in, Bishop Robinson, with some pithy remarks about all those bigots who would cruelly turn their backs on those who are in need of the church's guidance and compassion?

More Global Warming Nonsense

Two hundred years ago, "experts" predicted the future by reading tea leaves and analyzing the bumps on one's head (see phrenology).

We have now progressed in this our modern era to the point where our "experts" predict the future by watching wolves.

This is progress, right?
Wolves teach experts about global warming
By Dan Vergano, USA TODAY

Gray wolves could emerge as a "canary in the coal mine" of global warming by suggesting how climate change will affect species around the world, researchers say.

"We're not so much looking at wolves as a predator but as an indicator," says environmental scientist Christopher Wilmers of the University of California-Berkeley.

In the past century, average temperatures have climbed about a degree worldwide, and further increases of 2 to 10 degrees are expected by 2100, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says. More extreme weather could result, and winter is expected to shorten in some regions. That would affect animals and the entire environment.

At Yellowstone National Park, for example, winters have grown more than a week shorter since 1948, Wilmers and Wayne Getz of South Africa's University of Pretoria report in a study in April's PloS Biology journal.

But wolf packs appear to ease the effects of shorter winters on the food chain, Wilmers says. Before federal biologists reintroduced wolves to the park in 1995, heavy snowfall was the main cause of elk deaths in winter, providing a diet of carrion for scavengers such as ravens, eagles and bears. (link)

I'll know Wilmer is truly nuts when he starts talking to the animals - and they answer.


Ray Donovan, Secretary of Labor under Ronald Reagan, was accused in the late 80's of having mob ties.

After several years of expensive lawyers fighting nebulous charges that never reached the level of indictment, it was determined that he was clean. No connection ever surfaced between him and organized crime.

In the meantime, Donovan lost his job, his wife, and his entire worldly wealth.

In the end, he stood before news cameras and said, "I knew all along I would be vindicated of all allegations. But now that my reputation has been destroyed, to what office in the government do I go to reclaim that reputation? Where do I go to get back my life?"

I'd bet there are 28,000 former Arthur Andersen employees asking a similar question this evening.
Justices Unanimously Overturn Conviction of Arthur Andersen
DAVID STOUT, New York Times

WASHINGTON, May 31 - The Supreme Court unanimously overturned the conviction of Arthur Andersen today, declaring that the instructions given the jurors who convicted the accounting giant of obstruction of justice in connection with the collapse of the
Enron Corporation had been far too murky.

At first glance, the ruling today might appear to be academic, since the conviction of Arthur Andersen in June 2002 amounted to a death sentence for the 89-year-old firm. It once had 28,000 employees, but after it was tarred by the Enron debacle, its staff shrank to skeleton strength as the firm closed down its dealings. (link)
A team of Arthur Andersen auditors failed to detect the wrongdoing that was allegedly going on under their noses at Enron. For their failure, reputations were destroyed, careers were destroyed, 401k's evaporated, and 28,000 people were sent to the unemployment line.

Oh, and a federal court (outrageously) determined that, even though the company's destruction of documents may have been legal and that the individuals who were involved in making the recommendation that resulted in the destruction of the documents didn't think they were doing anything illegal, the company could be found guilty anyway. So instructed a trial judge; so ruled the jury.

So, now that the Supreme Court has determined that the trial judge's instructions to the jury were inappropriate, where do the Arthur Andersen employees go to get their reputations back?

Reputations, hell. Where do they go to get their jobs back?

But I Watched 'The China Syndrome' and ...

I recently made mention of a psychological quirk unique to liberals around the globe that made them susceptible to any fad lunatic theory regarding the manner in which all humankind are going to die. The more gruesome; the more believable.

For instance, for years now, the left have been telling us that, if we build nuclear power plants, the nuclear waste and the potential nuclear accidents - a la Chernobyl - will cause us to all get puss-filled sores on our genitals; our children will be born with an extra eyeball protruding from their kneecaps; all wildlife will perish from the earth; farm fields will become barren; the planet will become a vast wasteland ruled by Kevin Costner-like savages; conflagration; doom; dogs and cats living together ...

Well, now they've decided that nuclear power is okay after all.

Global warming is the real threat and is going to cause us to get puss-filled sores on our genitals; our children ...

The editorial staff at the Roanoke Times, trying to remain "down wi'd it," is confused right now, you can tell. They were told to push the "nuclear power is bad" party line. But now they are being told to set course toward a "nuclear power is good for us" script. Try as they might, they haven't quite got that line down pat. So today's attempt at conformation is tentative, at best.
Pro-nuke environmentalists?

The threat of global warming could outweigh the potential dangers of nuclear energy.

A small, but growing, number of people in the environmental movement is taking the dire threat of global warming seriously enough to embrace a virtual heresy: support, however qualified, of nuclear energy. (link)

As time goes by, you can count on the staff to be far less provisional about their evolving position. The threat of global warming, after all, was preceded by the threat of global cooling, and it took some time for them to reverse course with that "we're all going to die!" scenario as well.

But they have the lingo down pat on that one. Check this out.

Global warming is a clear and present danger, most scientists agree. The catastrophic climatic change it will likely cause could result in trillions of dollars in damage and cost untold lives.

Confronting such danger will require drastic steps.

Shoot. Knowing that I may not make it through the day before the world ends, I think I'll pump my gas tank only half full this morning.

Memo to Roanoke Times editorial staff: Stop it. You're going to give yourselves whiplash chasing your conflicting doomsday beliefs like you do. Besides, we have other problems that are much more serious than are either nuclear power or global warming.

Uh oh. I think I just gave them tomorrow's editorial.

Is Tom Delay a Scoundrel or Not?

So what happened to all the headlines about Congressman Tom Delay's (potentially) illegal free trips and gratuities? The New York Times and Washington Post in particular were on the rampage with attack headlines every day, pounding away at Delay's trips hither and yon that were - reportedly - paid for by some lobbyist. They even attacked his wife and daughter by name for (legally) working for his reelection campaign.

Where did those headlines go?

Here's where. The storyline began to take an ugly turn. Suddenly, it was all their Democrat henchmen and henchwomen who were coming forward to admit to having committed the same transgressions that Tom Delay had been relentlessly accused of. And rather than turn the charges against the most hated Republican in America into a full-blown scandal touching on liberal Democrats as well as Delay, they've dropped the story cold.
Memory Returns For a Traveling Congress

Scrutiny of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's travel has led to the belated disclosure of at least 198 previously unreported special-interest trips by House members and their aides, including eight years of travel by the second-ranking Democrat, an Associated Press review found.

At least 43 House members and dozens of aides had failed to meet the one-month deadline in ethics rules for disclosing trips financed by organizations outside the U.S. government.

The review of thousands of pages of records covered pre-2005 travel that was disclosed since early March. While most of the previously undisclosed trips occurred in 2004, some date back to the late 1990s. House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer, Maryland Democrat, recently disclosed 12 trips, the oldest dating back to 1997.

Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher, California Democrat, disclosed 21 trips. Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez, Illinois Democrat, reported 20 past trips, and Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, Maryland Democrat, reported 13. (link)
Lordy. One begins to worry about prison overcrowding. The list goes on and on.

Oh, and here is the best disclosure of all.
Staff members for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, disclosed 11 prior trips, while staff members for Mr. DeLay disclosed four.
Pelosi, you may not know, was the Congressperson who was the most outspoken against Delay and his "criminal" activity. I think we should demand that Pelosi be sent somewhere where she can show off her full-busted figure in fashionable prison garb, maybe busting big rocks into little rocks.

One can dream.

What's Wrong With Teachers

Has your child ever brought home a notice from his or her school teacher that was distracting because of its poor grammar and spelling? I have. It is not reassuring, knowing that my son's teacher can't put a sentence together.

Ever wonder how it is that they got to be teachers in the first place?

It may turn out that spelling and grammar, even perhaps an understanding of the subject matter, aren't important. It's their social and political attitudes that are what counts.
'Disposition' Emerges as Issue at Brooklyn College
BY JACOB GERSHMAN, Staff Reporter of the New York Sun

Brooklyn College's School of Education has begun to base evaluations of aspiring teachers in part on their commitment to social justice, raising fears that the college is screening students for their political views.

The School of Education at the CUNY campus initiated last fall a new method of judging teacher candidates based on their "dispositions," a vogue in teacher training across the country that focuses on evaluating teachers' values, apart from their classroom performance [my emphasis].

Critics of the assessment policy warned that aspiring teachers are being judged on how closely their political views are aligned with their instructor's. Ultimately, they said, teacher candidates could be ousted from the School of Education if they are found to have the wrong dispositions. (
Now it all begins to make sence. It dont matter wether or not I can put a sentense together so much as I have homosexials in good mind. And of course hate them drated Republicuns.

Good grief.