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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Virginia Tech's Minority Within a Minority Within ...

I always thought there was a case to be made for suspecting that young men and women who are grappling with the possibility that they are homosexual are, rather, merely confused. Really confused.

This article in Collegiate Times today, regarding a meeting that took place on the Virginia Tech campus of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance is convincing evidence.
LGBTA discusses racism within their own community
Multiculturalism and racism were the topics of discussion last night during a group presentation sponsored by Tech’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community.
by Erin Zlomek, Collegiate Times Associate News Editor

Virginia Tech’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance addressed racism within the LGBT community and multiculturalism as a whole last night in Squires room 341. A panel of four expressed the difficulty of being a minority within a minority on the Tech campus.

“It’s a common misconception that the LGBT community is anti racism (sic) by default … and that is not the case,” said Heather Black, junior biology major and LGBTA president. (
Yeah. I'd call that confusing. There are racists in the LGBT community then?

Black said that the racial makeup of Tech’s LGBTA is less diverse than she would like it to be.

“If you see a group comprised of people who (do) not (look) like you, you may be less inclined to join that organization … it is a combination of factors,” Black said.

Oh. I se... What?
Black said that a lack of diversity in general contributes to the shortfall in racial diversity in the Tech LGBTA.
Let's see. There are 295.7 million people in the United States. Of the total population, 1.5% (4.3 million) are thought to be gay. If 12% of the population is black (36.2 million), it's fair to say that 12% of the gay population is black (516,000). Only 5% (15.9 million) of America's population is currently attending college. If that number applies to the black population, there are 25,900 black gay people in college today. If Virginia Tech enrollment (28,800 graduate and undergraduate) is 0.2% of total college enrollment, then there are 57.6 black gay men and women on campus.

Nope. There is no lack of diversity at Virginia Tech. Maybe they all just steer clear of this bunch.
Rachel Mikulas, a junior engineering science and mechanics major said that she hopes the LGBTA will eventually exceed rather than reflect Tech’s level of diversity.

“I don’t want to just reach the bare minimum of what is the percentage of Tech’s minority population,” Mikulas said.
"The bare minimum of what is the percentage ..." Okay. Now I'm getting confused. If I keep reading crap like this, I'm going to start questioning my sexuality.

Jesus, people. Get a life.

How Twisted Is This?

Emmett Till was 14 when he was murdered. In 1955. What prompted it? He was black, he was in segregated Mississippi, and he reportedly whistled at a white woman. If his savage slaying wasn't appalling enough, the exhumation of his battered body 50 years after he was laid to rest has to be.
FBI Exhumes Body of Emmett Till for Clues
By MIKE COLIAS, Associated Press Writer

ALSIP, Ill. (AP) -- Nearly 50 years after Emmett Till's mutilated body was found in a Mississippi river, federal investigators Wednesday unearthed the Chicago teen's casket in hopes of finding clues to a murder that helped kindle the civil rights movement.

Mississippi prosecutors and the FBI have said DNA or other evidence might help determine who killed the black 14-year-old and whether anyone still alive should be prosecuted.

Till's body was found by fishermen in the Tallahatchie River in August 1955, three days after he was abducted from his uncle's home in Money, Miss., reportedly for whistling at a white woman. (link)

This seems to me to be not only ghoulish but wrong. The chances of finding any evidence these many years later are remote at best.

Besides, two men, both of whom are now dead, admitted to the crime - after having been acquitted by an all-white jury. Another outrage. But not the last.

Now they're going to pick through his bones.

Let Emmett Till rest in peace.

Things Are Heating Up

You know the race is starting to get ugly when they start attacking a candidate's mother.

A granny named Willie Mae, for God's sake.

From the Roanoke Times this morning:
Attorney: Kilgores' mother should resign
By Laurence Hammack, the Roanoke Times

State police are investigating allegations of absentee voting abuse in a local election last May. The lawyer says Willie Mae Kilgore should resign as registrar.

As the mother of twins running for governor and state legislator, and as the head of a registrar's office tainted by allegations of election fraud, Willie Mae Kilgore found herself in a political hot seat Wednesday.

Kilgore should resign as Scott County registrar "to avoid the appearance of impropriety," attorney Gerald Gray wrote in a letter to the registrar.

Gray represents Rex McCarty, who is seeking the House of Delegates seat held by Kilgore's son Terry. As Terry Kilgore, R-Scott County, seeks re-election in November, twin brother and former Attorney General Jerry Kilgore will probably be the Republican candidate for governor. (link)

Now I'm not a political guru but my guess is that it is generally not considered to be all that shrewd for a candidate - or a candidate's surrogate - to go after Mom.

She, along with apple pie and the American flag, should be out of bounds.

Say It Ain't So

I read the other day that there is a huge backlog of orders for the hybrid Toyota Prius. I wonder if those who are on that waiting list are still as excited when they read this:
Software glitch spurs Prius probe
Government will investigate 75,000 Toyotas after reports of stalled engines.
By Jeff Plungis, Detroit News Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON -- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said Wednesday it is investigating reports that a software glitch can stall Toyota's popular Prius hybrid at highway speeds.

In its initial report, NHTSA said it has received 33 reports of stalled engines in 2004 and 2005 model-year Prius cars. More than 85 percent of the complaints involved vehicles stalling at highway speeds, or 35 mph to 65 mph. The investigation covers approximately 75,000 cars. (link)
There is a future for this technology and Toyota, along with a few other manufacturers, is driving the showroom price of their fuel-economic vehicles down to where people other than Hollywood stars can own them.

But we are still years away from the day when we can drive I-66 into Washington DC in the morning in a hybrid and not expect to die.