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Saturday, June 18, 2005

What Is With These Guys?

Just as John Kerry tried to convince the American people that he was not the liberal his record proved him to be, so Tim Kaine, Democratic nominee for governor here in Virginia, is attempting to convince the voters that he is - and always has been - a supporter of gun rights.

I can understand Kerry trying to bamboozle the electorate. After all, he was only taking a page out of Bill Clinton's playbook. And Clinton was able to fool enough voters - twice - to hide his immorality, mask his imbecility, and gain immortality. But Kaine and his advisors should have read the Kerry playbook and learned from it, as well as the results obtained, and not tried to do the impossible.

But Kaine has a lot to learn. The hard way.
Kaine and Kilgore clash over NRA
By Samson Habte, Washington Examiner Staff Writer

Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine, the Democratic nominee for governor, recently aired advertisements accusing Republican nominee Jerry W. Kilgore of distorting his record on gun rights. The 60-second spots also touted Kaine's role in Project Exile, a successful crime-reduction program supported by NRA spokesman Charlton Heston and undertaken in Richmond while Kaine served on the City Council there.

But the NRA on Thursday released a letter calling Kaine's commercial "a brazen attempt to mislead Virginia voters." The letter said the advertisement was dishonest in suggesting that Kaine worked with Heston on Project Exile.

"To my knowledge, Mr. Heston has never met [Kaine]," Bill Powers, a spokesman for Heston, said in a statement. (link)
What on earth is he thinking? That we wouldn't notice all the things he's said and the actions he's taken with regard to our 2nd Amendment protections and his far-left support for gun control?

Perhaps there is only one explanation. I refer you to the Mark Twain quote below.

He Must Be a Democrat

For an explanation of the mindset behind this, I think we need to turn to Dick Durbin:

Mayor used Pope pic for target practice

A Polish mayor is facing pressure to step down after he used a picture of the late Pope John Paul II for target practice.

The image of the former Holy Father was pinned up on a target at a shooting range by Mayor Tadeusz Pawlowski.

Mayor Pawlowski, from the town of Rawicza, organises shooting competitions at the range but is now under pressure to step down.

His decision to use the picture of the late Pope was criticised as tasteless and insensitive, reports Polish news agency PAP.

Pawlowski defended the use of John Paul II's picture however, saying they always shoot at portraits of holy people or Polish heroes, and that no-one had ever complained in the past. (link)
Senator Durbin, a powerful leader of the Democratic party and a man who apparently sees nothing wrong with his comparing the willful air conditioning abuse foisted on Gitmo terrorists by mean-spirited guards to the systematic slaughter of millions of human beings, probably understands what went through this mayor's mind. But to normal people, this guy comes across as a fool.

In any case, these fools give us reason to rejoice. They make us look really, really smart.

Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed.
Mark Twain, "Pudd'nhead Wilson's New Calendar," Following the Equator, 1897