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Friday, July 08, 2005

We Are All Brits Today

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The World Briefly Unites

The death toll in the London terror attack has risen to 37, with the number of wounded pegged at 700. The world is outraged. And will remain so for a few days.

From Reuters:
World recoils in horror at London attacks
By Peter Millership

LONDON (Reuters) - The world recoiled in shock after bombs tore through London's transport system, killing 37 people in a coordinated rush-hour attack that Britain said bore the hallmarks of al Qaeda.

European countries, the United States and Japan stepped up security after Thursday's blasts and vowed to hunt down the militants who caused carnage in Britain, the closest U.S. ally, host to a G8 rich nations' meeting and EU president.

Messages of sympathy poured in from nations, particularly those whose civilian populations had been targeted by militants. (link)

It remains to be seen whether Europe will keep its focus on the terrorists who have targeted Europeans for mass slaughter in what has now become a succession of 9/11's, or whether they will revert to their traditional timidity and go back to expressing shock over stories about Korans being peed on.

I hold out no hope that they'll stay the course this time.

Where Will They Strike Next?

I said, right after 9/11, as I witnessed a myriad of security and counter-terrorism experts promote their individual recommendations on how to best safeguard air travel in the USA, that the terrorists will not attack any more commercial airliners. At least not for a while. Instead, they'll target those facilities where our anti-terror efforts are less profound. Buses. Trains. Subways. The terrorists are, after all, maniacal but not stupid.

We created the Transportation Security Administration anyway whose sole purpose, it seems sometimes, is to provide security for airports, at a staggering cost.

And, as though I were some kind of expert on the subject, the terrorists are, in fact, striking where we are less prepared. In Spain, they blew up trains. Now in London, they've bombed the subway and a bus.

So, where will they strike next? I watched on television the mobilization of the entire New York City police department yesterday. They set off in every direction in an effort to safeguard the city's bridges, tunnels, subway system, its commercial center.

But the terrorists are going to strike where the New York City police won't be. Chicago. San Francisco. The "L." The Golden Gate Bridge, perhaps.

It is going to be difficult if not impossible for the government to stop the next attack, especially if some fanatic decides to strap a bomb to his waist and sets out to slaughter innocent women and children. The best preventive measure - the only real chance to stop him - is us. Our vigilance.

Be locked and loaded, my friends. Be alert.

The Terrific Void

This story, from the New York Post, brings back memories of 9/11 like no other.
By BESS MANSON in London and DAVID ANDREATTA in New York

A Bronx father held an agonizing vigil by the phone yesterday waiting to hear whether his son survived the terrorist bombings in London.

"We've only heard from his girlfriend," said an anguished David Matsushita of his 37-year-old son, Michael, who moved to London weeks ago to be with his girlfriend.

Michael never arrived at his tour-guide job and had still not contacted his girlfriend or family 12 hours after four blasts tore through the London subway system and ripped apart a bus during the morning rush hour.

On only his second day on the job, Michael would have traveled via subway through King's Cross station, where at least 21 passengers were killed in the second explosion. (link)
Let's pray that Michael is not among the dead.