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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Abortion Prevents Murder ...

I read an editorial this morning in the Charleston (WV) Gazette and, as I delved deeper and deeper, I started muttering, "Don't do it. You cannot be serious."

They are.

Their twisted logic reveals that aborting babies - especially the little black ones who were destined to grow up to be murderers - is a good thing. The incidence of murder in New York, you see, has declined precipitately because of it.

Obviously the meth kicked in just as someone began to write this piece.


Odd abortion data

NEW York City had 2,245 murders in 1990 — but the number dropped amazingly to just 572 in 2004. Likewise, other violent crimes in New York fell 75 percent during that period. It was an astounding improvement.

... a maverick American economist, Steven D. Levitt of the University of Chicago, says the biggest cause of the crime drop in the 1990s was the arrival of legalized abortion 20 years earlier. It saved thousands of low-income, single, teenage girls from having unwanted babies, especially boys who would have become street denizens by the 1990s, the professor contends.

The book notes that about 1.5 million pregnancy terminations have been performed in America every year since the landmark 1973 ruling. “Perhaps the most dramatic effect of legalized abortion, however, and one that would take years to reveal itself, was its impact on crime.”

Amid this divisive, emotional struggle, bear in mind: While one side claims that abortion is murder, there is evidence that abortion prevents murder. [my emphasis] (


I think I'll simply let that last statement stand on its own without further comment. It requires none.

Wall Street Journal Gets 'er Done

The editorial page of the Wall Street Journal stands head-and-shoulders above that of any other paper in the USA. It has been surmised, and I am a perfect example, that the WSJ is the only newspaper on earth that is purchased by a large percentage of its subscribers chiefly because of the superb writing to be found in its op/ed section.

Here's a sampling; the first and last two paragraphs of an editorial entitled, "Of Taxes and 'Treason'."
Never say we aren't willing to help an editorial subject in distress, and Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm clearly needs some friendly advice.

Not so long ago, Ms. Granholm was regarded as the rising star of the Democratic Party -- innovative, articulate, and attractive -- and some even talked of changing the Constitution so she could run for President (perhaps against Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzenegger). But her latest public approval ratings have hit the skids while her legislative agenda lies in shambles. She's now off to Japan in a quest to "bring jobs and businesses to Michigan," and her latest complaint is that her task has been undermined by a global business newspaper -- the one you're reading -- "bad-mouthing the state."

Let us be clear: No one would like to see a robust economic recovery in Michigan more than we would. If Governor Granholm were selling a message of cutting taxes, not raising them, her job would be a lot easier and she'd be in a lot less agitated state of mind. (link requires subscription)
Gentle. Finespun. Devastating.

I love these guys.

Democrats On The Margins

I mentioned the need yesterday for the Democrats to marginalize themselves as soon as possible so that the USA could unify around the effort to end the global scourge of terrorism.

Yesterday's Senate hearings that focused, in part, on Gitmo "torture" is about as good an example of the Dems' march toward marginalization as one could find. While the British are still gathering body parts of Londoners slaughtered by terrorists, and we read this morning of the horrific deaths of an American soldier and 18 Iraqi children, all killed by a suicide bomber, an attack that occurred as the GI was handing out candy and toys to the little kids in the streets of Baghdad, the Democrats, having no interest in the slaughter, are instead incensed over the story revealed in yesterday's hearing that a terrorist was forced to wear a bra on his head at Gitmo.

Here's Senator Carl Levin (D-Michigan) coming to the defense of the terrorists:
"It is clear from the report that detainee mistreatment was not simply the product of a few rogue military police on a night shift ... Rather, this mistreatment arose from the use of aggressive interrogation techniques. [my emphasis] (link)

Go away, Senator. Soon. Forever. Your whining about bras on heads is getting in the way of our efforts to destroy those whom you defend; those who would intentionally - rapturously - murder eighteen little children.

Big Boss Going Up River

There are those who consider the sentence a slap on the wrist, but let me tell you, this is sending shockwaves through many a boardroom.
WorldCom Chief Is Given 25 Years for Huge Fraud
KEN BELSON, New York Times

Bernard J. Ebbers, the former chairman of
WorldCom, was sentenced yesterday to 25 years in prison for orchestrating a record $11 billion fraud that toppled the telecommunications company he founded.

Judge Barbara S. Jons of Federal District Court in Manhattan handed down the sentence in a packed courtroom that included former WorldCom employees and investors.

She said the penalty - the stiffest in a corporate fraud case in recent memory - was appropriate given the size and scope of the damages. (
The message here to corporate heads who feel it part of their job description to coerce the CFO into playing fast and loose with the books is clear: Cut out the financial shenanigans or you will never see the mistress or Majorca again.