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Monday, July 18, 2005

The Mehlman Strategy

How is it I can be hundreds of miles from the seat of power, have absolutely no experience in politics or its machinations, make no money advising presidents as do thousands of really smart people, and yet I can see Republican party chairman Ken Mehlman go before the most racist organization in America today, the NAACP, go into full grovel mode, and be the only person to suggest that he, and the Republican party, and the President of the United States (if he countenanced this pathetic effort at suck-up) have made a huge mistake. His apology for past sins only played into the hands of today's slave traders, most of whom are affiliated with or find kinship in the NAACP, and gave them strength.

Instead of winning over their hearts or minds (assuming they have either ...), it emboldened them.

Mehlman's wormlike cowering has given new life to an organization that should by now be on the ash heap of history, alongside the KKK.

Speaking of worms, here's Bob Herbert, writing in the New York Times, responding to Ken Mehlman's apology for past Republican wrongs.
An Empty Apology

One of President Bush's surrogates went before the N.A.A.C.P. last week and apologized for the Republican Party's reprehensible, decades-long Southern strategy.

The surrogate, Ken Mehlman, is chairman of the Republican National Committee. Perhaps he meant well. But his words were worse than meaningless. They were insulting. The G.O.P.'s Southern strategy, racist at its core, still lives. (
So. Ken Mehlman goes before the largest and most influential band of hatemongers on the planet today this side of al-Qaeda to apologize for him, for me, for you and thinks something positive is going to come out of it. Instead, he and I and you are branded as being racists.

Ken, do me a favor. If there is something about which you are ashamed and feel the need to get it off your chest, put it in one of those 75 emails I get from you each day. But don't think for a minute you are going to accomplish anything constructive by "dialoguing" with a bunch of modern-day klansmen, most of whom earn a healthy living off the new slave trade.

Unlike that which you pay millions for to your really smart people, this advice comes to you free of charge. You'd be wise to pay attention.