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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Why Do I Subject Myself To This?

I wrote many months ago that there are certain newspaper columnists I refuse to read. The list is a rather short one actually. It is comprised exclusively of the less gifted, the obtuse, and the more mentally challenged. David Broder. William Raspberry. E.J. Dionne.

And Richard Cohen, who "writes" for the Washington Post.

But the title of his column today sucked me in like a hex nymph lures a smallmouth bass.

Unfortunately for me, he's the goof I remember him to be.

Get this:
Chad Tidings
By Richard Cohen

Another hanging chad has dropped. His name is John G. Roberts Jr., and he undoubtedly will turn out to be opposed to abortion rights, affirmative action, an expansive view of federal powers and a reading of the Constitution that takes a properly suspicious view of the state's embrace of religion. [my emphasis] In these and other matters -- the death penalty, for instance -- he is expected to substantially reflect the views of George W. Bush, the man who nominated him to the Supreme Court, because that was what the election of 2000 and its sequel were all about. You hang enough chads, and you get to change the Supreme Court.

My predictions on how Roberts will vote when he (almost certainly) gets to the court are not based on a close reading of his scholarly writings -- there are almost none -- or a parsing of his decisions as an appellate judge. It is based entirely on the supposition [my emphasis] that Bush has taken the ideological measure of his nominee and has been assured by others that Roberts is a conservative, maybe deeply so. (link)
"I believe John Roberts to be hell's spawn. But I have no good reason to believe so."

Richard Cohen is hereby banned from ever again being mentioned in this weblog. Effective immediately.

They've Found Something They're Good At

Our governments - local, state and federal - have failed, and continue to fail, miserably when it comes to the education of our children. What many of us consider to be their most important obligation is nothing short of a calamity.

This Associated Press story makes me think we were asking too much of our elected officials and their minions in the bureaucracy. They seem to be proving themselves quite adept at hunting down pets in the homes of Denver's citizens and dragging little Spot off to be slaughtered.
Denver Enforces Ban on Pit Bulls

DENVER (AP) -- A few weeks ago, two police cars and two animal control vehicles pulled up at the home of Stef'ny Steffan looking for her beloved 4-year-old pit bull, Xena. Seven officers hauled off the animal to the city shelter, putting her on death row.

Xena became an outlaw after Denver won a court fight and reinstated one of the toughest pit-bull bans in the nation. Since May, more than 380 dogs have been impounded and at least 260 destroyed -- an average of more than three a day.

Dog owners are in a panic. Some are using an underground railroad of sorts, sending their pets to live elsewhere or hiding them from authorities. City officials would not estimate how many people might be violating the ordinance. (link)
There is something profoundly wrong with this.

And Speaking of Ineptitude ...

I was startled this morning to read that the United Nations still exists. I wish it were only a bad dream. But no. It's actually The Nightmare on 46th Street.

News from the Washington Times:
A Ludicrous U.N. Idea

The people who brought you the oil-for-food scandal now want to get their hands on the Internet. On Tuesday, a U.N. organization called the Working Group on Internet Governance proposed that the United Nations take control of regulating the Internet's inner workings. Apparently, U.N. leaders think their failures in global security and humanitarianism qualify them to regulate the engine of the high-tech industry.

The U.N. group -- which is a team of bureaucrats from, among other places, Cuba, Tunisia and Iran -- envisions taking control of such Internet functions as registering domain names, settling disputes, conducting arbitration and fighting cybercrime. Currently, a U.S.-based nonprofit called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, handles basic registration functions. (link)
Cuba and Iran envision taking control of the internet ...

Well, I envision both countries being bulldozed and the earth salinated such that no vegetation ever grows in either land again.

The internet is to remain free.

Viva telaraƱa mundial libre!

Divine Intervention

I don't claim to know what God's motives are with regard to the actions that He takes but it seems clear to me that He is protecting our President and seeing to it that, try as they might, terrorists will not harm George Bush.

How else to explain a hand grenade being thrown at President Bush only to have it fail to explode?

Suspect admits throwing grenade at Bush

TBILISI, Georgia (AP) -- A man arrested after a fatal shootout with police has admitted to throwing a grenade during a May rally where President Bush gave a speech, a Georgian official said Thursday.

Bush and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili were on the podium in front of a massive crowd in downtown Tbilisi when the grenade was thrown.

It landed less than 100 feet from the podium but did not explode, and a preliminary investigation indicated the activation device deployed too slowly to hit the blasting cap hard enough, the FBI said. (link)

Let them have their preliminary investigation. I say God intervened. He knows a good man when He sees one.

Roberts Is Okay By Me

I have been reluctant to get involved in the gang-analysis of President Bush's nomination of John Roberts to be our newest member of the Supreme Court. Most of the talking heads on television and in print seem to think he's a swell guy but then most of them think Hillary Clinton is a swell guy too.

I have withheld judgment unitl I was able to hear from our resident legal experts. One of the two authorities I respect the most when it comes to all things legal, John Behan, says Roberts is a good pick. (here)

I'm still waiting for a ruling from Steve Minor.

If Steve approves, I'll then have no doubt that Roberts is a good choice.

I just hope this isn't another David Souter scenario whereby the nominee is touted as a conservative but in practice and application he proves to be a flaming, freaking, rudderless, clueless, make-it-up-as-you-go-along liberal.

Of course, I'm no lawyer ...

The French

I received this in the mail. I thought it was cute. I am unable to vouch for its authenticity.


Paris, July 18, 2005- AP and UPI reported that the French government has raised its terror alert level from RUN to HIDE on their four level danger scale.

The two higher French danger levels are SURRENDER and COLLABORATE.

According to informed sources, the rise was precipitated by a fire yesterday which destroyed France's white flag factory, effectively paralyzing its military.

In light of the recent attacks in London, it is widely anticipated that the terror alert will be elevated to the third level before the weekend.


To my French readers: Rather than lash out at me - I'm only the messenger - why don't you run over here and visit with some of my father's buddies who stopped by there to do for you that which you were unwilling to do for yourselves.

Hattip to Mark.