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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We Got Us a Republican!

John over at Commonwealth Conservative brings to our attention the fact that we have us a by God Republican living here in Southwest Virginia. And he blogs. It's not all that clear yet where he hails from or what his last name is.

Let's all welcome him to our world ... before our state senator - a Democrat - and our Congressman - a Democrat - and our (or my) state delegate - a Democrat - find him out and silence him.

Welcome, SWVA Republican.

Say What?

I've always thought there was a possibility that homosexuality has nothing to do with genetics and everything to do with identity confusion.

This story gives my suspicions credence.

Dad of 12 admits he's gay

An Austrian couple with 12 children have split up - after the husband admitted he was gay.

Mum Alina Look dumped husband Hannes after his shock revelation.

Hannes had announced that he was leaving the family home at Graz for another man.

Hannes told Alina he only made her pregnant so she had "something to do". (link)

You are welcome to express your displeasures here.

Real Men Surf West Virginia

I thought the other day about doing a piece on white-water rafting in West Virginia but this news argues against it.

Va. kayaker drowns in W.Va. river
Associated Press

FAIRMONT, W.Va. - A kayaker who drowned under a waterfall on the Tygart Valley River appeared to be doing everything right before the accident, authorities said Monday.

John Francis Mullen, 37, of Arlington, Va., had strung a safety line across before kayaking with a friend Sunday at Valley Falls State Park, where he was sucked under a 10-foot drop and pinned for several minutes.

"There was no horseplay or anything like that. They were somewhat experienced," said Chief Deputy Mike Amoroso of the Marion County Sheriff's Department. Both kayakers had been wearing life vests and helmets.

The Tygart Valley River, which divides Marion and Taylor counties in north-central West Virginia, has sandstone boulders and rock formations that make the series of plunging waterfalls both scenic and appealing to whitewater enthusiasts.

But Amoroso said it's also dangerous, periodically causing fatalities.

"I've been here 30 years, and there have been 14 that I know of," he said. (link)

I've changed my mind. Surf West Virginia at your own risk.