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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Quote of the Day

The ol' Salt made me chuckle with this one:
A letter from a Unitarian appears in the Roanoke Times today, expressing "empathy, love and support" to "the entire gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender community...and support of marriage equality." It reminded me of the joke, "What do you get when you cross a Unitarian with a Jehovah's Witness? Someone who wanders around the neighborhood knocking on doors, but they aren't sure why." (link)
My sister tells me Unitarians are the quirky spiritualists who are forever searching for the God within ...

They must lead a lonely life ...

Emperor Warner Has No Clothes

Stephen Moore, writing for the Wall Street Journal, has our esteemed - no, revered - no, idolized - Governor Mark Warner pegged. He's nothing more than a common tax-and-spend liberal.

Virginia Ham
By Stephen Moore

Gov. Warner's favorite theme is right out of the Bill Clinton/Robert Rubin playbook: fiscal responsibility and deficit reduction. He pontificates routinely about taking on "the big task" of reducing the budget deficit and tackling health care. He's been meeting with Republican governors on Medicaid reform, and asking Washington to give the states more flexibility and independence in running the program.

If all of this sounds a little too good to be true -- well, it is. As governor of Virginia, Mr. Warner can best be described as a fairly boilerplate tax-and-spend liberal. Even Democrats in the state agree that his only real "victory" in three-and-a-half years in the state house has been to enact a giant tax increase last year that he plotted to enact over his entire term. (link)
Read the whole thing. It lays bare Warner's attempt at convincing the world that he is not who he is.

Thanks to writers like Stephen Moore - and to those who keep an eye on him via the web - the sham will be exposed.

Waiting For the Car Wreck

Why is it you suppose we find the Bristol Motor Speedway to be the most exciting 1/2 mile stretch of road in the country?

The answer is obvious. We love the jostling, the spinouts, the car-in-the-wall-in-turn-3. The carnage. And there's plenty of it.

Oh, the excitement.

I can't help but believe we've come to the same point with this saga playing out high above the earth:
NASA Grounds Future Shuttle Flights
By MARCIA DUNN AP Aerospace Writer

SPACE CENTER, Houston (AP) -- In a numbing setback sure to set off a national debate over the future of the space program, NASA has grounded all future shuttle flights because of a large chunk of foam that broke off Discovery's fuel tank in hauntingly similar fashion to Columbia's doomed mission.

This time, engineers believe, the foam tumbled harmlessly away during liftoff and Discovery was spared. (
This time.

I don't think this is what President John Kennedy had in mind.

We set sail on this new sea because there is new knowledge to be gained, and new rights to be won, and they must be won and used for the progress of all people. For space science, like nuclear science and all technology, has no conscience of its own. Whether it will become a force for good or ill depends on man ...

We stand today on the edge of a new frontier. The new frontier of which I speak is not a set of promises--it is a set of challenges ...