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Thursday, August 04, 2005

It Becomes Clear

The Roanoke Times has a loyal following, it turns out. It is made up of like-minded souls who read the forever inane and occasionally bizarre pronouncements of the Times editorial page and nod in agreement. As a sign of affirmation.

I was drawn to this conclusion by a contributor to the op/ed page who wrote the following;

Using a tortuously reasoned legal opinion, the Supreme Court has decided that the Ten Commandments can appear in some places, but not others. By simpler reasoning, they shouldn't appear anywhere -- in the United States, at least.

Think on the chaos that would follow adherence. The government, the economy, indeed, most of the social cohesion of America would founder and collapse.

No good patriot would promote the Ten Commandments. They're subversive. (link)
Good grief. The Ten Commandments are subversive. They should be stricken from our social lexicon.

I can see every member of the editorial staff nodding in agreement. A sign of affirmation.

It's a sign of something, to be sure.

Y'all come!

The ol' Salt makes mention of a wonderful dinner theatre over in Wytheville, VA that goes by the name of The Wohlfart House.

I've been there. It provides for a great time, superlative entertainment, and a good meal. I encourage everyone to give it a try when you're headin' down this way.