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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Let's Review

Well, here are some general impressions of my day here in the great frozen north.

First, it certainly isn't frozen, although we are looking at a cold wave sweeping through here tomorrow so we're told to expect the temperature to dip to 93.

Second, they's a whole lotta people livin' up here (I'm in York, PA tonight; I was in North Jersey this morning). A whole messa people.

And they all have this funny northern accent. You'd get a real kick out of it. They seem to feel the need to pronounce all their vowels here. It wears me out just watching their jaws at work. Folks back in Southwest Virginia have learned over the years to conserve our energy for more redeeming activities, like chasing our women and killing things.

The language used up here is really exhausting. Back home, we've learned how to take our words and give them less energetic pronunciations. An example would be in order:

Next time you're in Bland and you hand the woman a 50 for gas up at the Shell station, and she hands you your 23¢ change, listen for her to say, "preeshatecha." Up here that would be expressed thusly: "I appreciate you." Which, in itself, is short for "I appreciate the business."

Can you imagine saying that all day?

I appreciate you
I appreciate you
I appreciate you
I appreciate you

I'm worn out already.

So we say preeshatecha. And save ourselves for opening beer bottles with our teeth.

On a more somber note, I was listening to a New York City radio station this evening and the topic of conversation was 9/11. People were calling in with their twin tower stories, I suppose because we are approaching the 4th anniversary of the terrorist attacks.

- A sister who lost a brother who was last seen alive on the 102nd story of one of the towers.

- A father who still hasn't been found.

- The woman who said she couldn't seem to get past the memory of dust accumulating in her hair and on her shoulders and on her lips that day, accompanied by the fact that there are 1,000 people that were never found. Turned to dust.

So sad. But a healthy reminder.

Sorry about the somber ending to the day. But the end it is. Goodnight.

The Good Old Days

Take a journey back in time with me. When men were men and people you met in bars who had long flowing hair and large breasts and beautiful long legs and mascara and were attractively coiffured were women.

And Republicans were conservative.

Well, that is a day gone by, folks.
Bush defends bill for highway system

By Bill Sammon, The Washington Times

President Bush yesterday signed a $286 billion transportation bill that taxpayer groups derided as bloated with pork, but the White House said it could have been $100 billion worse. (
So let me get this straight. I'm to be proud of our Republican President for having kept the profligate spending to only $286 billion in a bill that everyone on earth agrees is loaded with waste?


Republicans should be ashamed of what's being done in their name. This is not the party of Ronald Reagan. The Democrats never even dreamed of being this irresponsible.

Roberts Is The Anti-Christ

As I predicted when the President nominated John Roberts for the Supreme Court, the left would try to paint the Circuit Court judge as the anti-christ. That effort has begun.

The story in the New York Times:
TV Ad Attacking Court Nominee Provokes Furor

WASHINGTON, Aug. 10 - An advertisement that a leading abortion-rights organization began running on national television on Wednesday, opposing the Supreme Court nomination of John G. Roberts Jr. as one "whose ideology leads him to excuse violence against other Americans," quickly became the first flashpoint in the three-week-old confirmation process.

The spot opens with a scene of devastation, the bombing of an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Ala., in January 1998. Emily Lyons, a clinic employee who was seriously injured in the attack, appears on the screen. "When a bomb ripped through my clinic, I almost lost my life," she says.

Mr. Roberts's image then appears, superimposed on a faint copy of the brief he signed in the 1991 case. "Supreme Court nominee John Roberts filed court briefs supporting violent fringe groups and a convicted clinic bomber," the narrator's voice says. The spot concludes by urging viewers to: "Call your senators. Tell them to oppose John Roberts. America can't afford a justice whose ideology leads him to excuse violence against other Americans."

Several prominent abortion rights supporters as well as a neutral media watchdog group said the advertisement was misleading and unfair, and a conservative group quickly took to the airwaves with an opposing advertisement. (link)
Of course the ad is misleading and unfair. But that wasn't their point. They want you simply to hate John Roberts. So skip the hype and go right to the hate.

After all, it worked when Ted Kennedy tried it.
Robert Bork's America is a land in which women would be forced into back-alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens' doors in midnight raids, children could not be taught about evolution." (link)

Searching For The Dead

The effort to locate our missing soldiers continues ... in Vietnam.
Remains of 12 Vietnam MIAs repatriated


When Army Sgt. Glenn E. Miller was listed as missing in action after a fierce gunbattle in Vietnam in May 1968, his girlfriend figured he had been killed -- even though there was never any proof.

Thirty-seven years later, the remains of Sgt. Miller, a Green Beret, and the 11 Marines who died alongside him have been identified and returned to the United States. It's the largest single group of MIAs identified since the Vietnam War, the Defense Department said Tuesday. (link)
To think there are still about 1800 soldiers, sailors, and airmen still missing in the jungles of Southeast Asia. And their grieving family members back home await word of their fate. These 30 years later.