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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Kicking Back

I was going to regale you with down-home wisdom this afternoon ... but I've decided to grab a cigar and a bottle of port and head to my chaise lounge out on the deck instead.

Sure it's warm out. But so is my port. And so shall I be ... so to speak.

I'll catch you in the morning.

Jesus Appears on Pierogi

If you're going to bid on this pierogi that has the face of Jesus on it over at
eBay.com, you'd better do it quickly. And you might want to take out a loan. The high bid is at $1525* - and climbing.

Here's the story:
Bidding on Jesus Pierogi Now Near $1,000*

Donna Lee has kept the pie with the image of Jesus frozen in a plastic bag since that Easter in April. She first noticed it while cooking pierogi's. "The last one I flipped over was Jesus, so I flipped the spatula, and my husband goes, 'What? There's Jesus!' and he goes, 'Oh my God!'" said Donna. Her husband agreed, saying, "There's a face on our pierogi and we choose to believe on Easter it's Jesus."

The image of Christ was on one of 12 pierogi's that came from the store. For the uninitiated, a pierogi is a Polish delicacy made up of a pouch of dough filled with a savory filling like meat, cheese, or vegetables, and cooked by boiling and then pan-frying. It's very similar to a dumpling. "They're usually browned one side and browned on the other but this one was the only one that didn't brown on both sides," said Donna. "It's very special and they've made a joke of me since April, so I don't know, it just means a lot to me."

Both Donna and her husband were born and raised Catholic. They pray daily and also understand that some would consider this pretty bizarre. (link)
Now why would anyone think this is pretty bizarre?
  • Donna and her husband are Catholic.
  • Pierogis are a Polish treat
  • Poles are predominantly Catholic
  • Jesus loves Catholics; Catholics love Jesus.
  • Jesus chooses to place His image on a Catholic's pierogi.

I'm going to get in on this action. I'm Lutheran. Lutherans love their beer. Jesus loves Lutherans. I'm buying great quantities of beer in search of ...

Personally, I think it more closely resembles Frank Zappa.

  • Click on image to enlarge.
  • Photo courtesy of eBay

The Search For Indian Artifacts

This story brings back memories:
Indian artifacts In Caroline

County considers full-scale excavation after finding Indian artifacts over 2,000 years old.
Blake Wood, WFLS News

Pre-historic remnants of Indian artifacts were recently unearthed during a dig in advance of construction to expand Route 30. The State Fair of Virginia plans to relocate to the Caroline property in about 2 years.

The artifacts are thought to have belonged to the Pamunkey Indians, one of the region's 4 tribes present thousands of years ago. (link)

When I was young, my grandparents had a cabin along the Blue River in southern Indiana to which all our extended family members would migrate in the summertime. Indian artifacts, particularly arrowheads, were so plentiful in the area along the river and in the hills above it that my two brothers and I (we were probably eight to twelve years old) would occasionally head off into the woods searching for them. And we would invariably come back to the cabin with a handful of arrowheads and assorted other flint objects, all manufactured centuries before by a civilization now lost to history.

As are all those artifacts we gathered, I'm ashamed to say.

PETA Sees The Light

I learned long ago that you can't have a debate with someone who claims to value the life of a cockroach as highly as that of a newborn baby. But occasionally the oddballs at PETA resemble normal rational human beings. As in this case:
PETA rethinks campaign
Associated Press

RICHMOND, Va. - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - known as much for staging shocking protests as for championing animal rights - is reconsidering a campaign comparing slavery to animal abuse after complaints from civil rights groups and others.

"Animal Liberation," which includes 12 panels juxtaposing pictures of black people in chains with shackled elephants and other provocative images, had visited 17 cities before the Norfolk-based group put the tour on hold. The decision came within the last week.

"We're not continuing right now while we evaluate," said Dawn Carr, a PETA spokeswoman. "We're reviewing feedback we've received - most of it overwhelmingly positive and some of it quite negative."(link)
Yeah. I'll just bet they received overwhelmingly positive feedback for equating the enslavement of human beings with the caging of animals. My guess is their tour took PETA employees away from their primary mission: their slaughtering of cute little puppies and kittens.