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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Radford University Presents ... Something

Look. I don't blame Radford University for this. What you see pictured here, and featured in an exhibit entitled, "Zdenek Bugan: Etchings From The Imagination" at the university art museum, passes these days in cultured circles around the globe as being "art."

Bugan is described by some as being a surrealist. As I recall, so was this guy.

I lean toward declaring both of them to be talentless, but who am I? Just another bourgeois capitalist who knows nothing about the sufferings of the common man or of the inhumanity of our modern-day materialistic world. Or some horse shit.

The title of this crappie-on-a-wheel piece of work, "A Time of Fools," tells me that the artist knows his audience.

Speaking of which:

Hours: Monday thru Friday 10 am to 5 pm (4 pm during Summer Sessions I and II). Saturday and Sunday noon to 4 pm.

Not that I would consider any of you to be the above-named.

Photo courtesy of Radford University Art Museum
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A Story Within a Story Within a Story

So I'm reading this story about a man over in Bluff City who's been charged with animal cruelty after his chicken coop allegedly collapsed killing 30 chickens. That's story number one.

Well, the accused, one Phillip Gray, blames his next-door neighbor, Belinda Rogers, for the deaths. It's not all that clear but I guess Gray is accusing Rogers (who must be one amazon of a woman) of having pushed his coop over resulting in the massacre. They apparently hate one another.

Tri-Cities Woman Says She Had Nothing To With Bluff City Animal Cruelty Case
Nate Morabito, News Channel 11

Phillip Gray of Bluff City was arraigned in court yesterday, charged with neglecting his dog and 30 chickens.

Gray told our news partner, the Bristol Herald Courier, that his neighbor is to blame for knocking over the chicken coop and injuring the birds, but that neighbor has a different story.

But who's to blame?

Sullivan County Animal Control officers say Phillip Gray, but Gray says it's Belinda Rogers.

"I love animals. I've got my own. I would never ever mistreat an animal, and as much as I despise Mr. Gray, I would never do anything to hurt anybody's animal," Rogers said. (link)

The feud would be story number two. Then there's this:
She says it escalated this month after she cut off Gray's access to her septic tank.
Have you ever read a newspaper article and come across something like this and said to yourself, "Gi'me that again?"
She says it escalated this month after she cut off Gray's access to her septic tank.
Nothing more is written about story number three. The most fascinating of all.

The mind reels. The questions pour out. The thoughts race to a vision of Phil waddling out to Belinda's septic tank, removing the cover, squatting down, and ...

Why on earth would Phillip Gray have needed access to Belinda Rogers' septic tank?!

We'll never know, I guess. Nothing more about it is written.

Sometimes there are stories, in this case the story within the story within the story, that are better left untold.

This Is More Like It

Today's Quiz:

What is Southwest Virginia's most promising natural renewable resource? One that can be relied upon, if managed carefully, as a much-needed source of energy in perpetuity. A resource that is also used in a broad array of other applications. If you're thinking wind or solar, consider yourself smacked across the face to jar you into reality.

It's timber. And man, do we have lots of it.

Some companies in Southwest Virginia are putting it to good use, and providing gainful employment to area residents in the process.
Tazewell lumber mill to create 100+ jobs

TAZEWELL – Clinch River Forest Products will invest $4.35 million to build a lumber mill in Tazewell County that will create more than 100 new jobs, the governor said Thursday.

The mill, owned by a private corporation headquartered in Tazewell County, will process local timber using new technology that creates less sawdust. (link)
Of course, there are those beanbrains in the area who would rather we not harm the trees, which, after all, haven't done anything to us. But we can count on the beanbrains to someday grow up and get a job over at the Food Lion gathering shopping carts.

I applaud Clinch River Forest Products and wish them - as well as all the new hires - longlasting success.