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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Puppies Used As Bait?

Did you ever read an article and just know it can't be accurate? In this case, I hope it's inaccurate:
Brigitte Bardot calls for halt to use of puppies as shark bait

Brigitte Bardot, the 1950s and 1960s film star turned animal rights campaigner, has called on the French government to halt the reported use by fishermen on the island of Reunion of live puppies and kittens as shark bait.

"It is imperative that the government does something to end this practice," she said in a letter to the minister for French overseas territories, Francois Baroin, a copy of which was given to AFP Thursday. (link)
I ... don't ... know ... how ... to ... respond.

Is This The Best You Can Do?

The Roanoke Times editorial page staff, desperate for something to bitch about, castigates President Bush for the terminology used on military grave markers. You think I'm joking ...
Operation Infinite Gall
The Bush administration's jingoistic slogans on fallen soldiers' graves exploit their sacrifice.

... the administration appears to have sunk so low as to use the gravestones of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq to "stay on message."

Nearly all the gravestones of those 2,000 soldiers include the jingoistic slogans used by the military to designate the conflicts: "Operation Enduring Freedom" for Afghanistan, and "Operation Iraqi Freedom" for Iraq. (link)
What idiocy. If "Operation Iraqi Freedom" is jingoistic, what would the geniuses at the Times call "World War Two"?

What would they prefer? That we replace "Operation Iraqi Freedom" with "The War in Iraq"? Is the word "freedom" then jingoistic? Probably in the minds of these twisted freaks, the word "freedom" is something to be reserved for homosexuals and post-abortion twelve year-old girls.

We certainly don't want to waste the word on 50 million Iraqi and Afghan men, women, and children who have been liberated from lives otherwise destined to be tormented, impoverished, tortured, ... or worse.

Quote Of The Day

"It's no coincidence that mainline Protestantism and its milquetoast morality is failing while churches with strong convictions are booming. People are drawn to strong convictions and churches that demand something of their lives. Americans don't need to be told in an ad campaign that the United Methodist Church -- the country's third largest denomination -- is there. The problem is that there's no there there."
David Holman in The American Spectator (link)

Well, Gov?

Now here's a real problem (unlike the budget pseudo-crisis) that Governor Mark Warner is not going to be able to solve by raising taxes:
Warner pressed on issue of illegals
By Christina Bellantoni, The Washington Times

Support among legislators grew yesterday for declaring an emergency in Virginia to stem problems with illegal aliens, while the three gubernatorial candidates said they don't think the state has reached an immigration crisis.

Several lawmakers and political hopefuls said Gov. Mark Warner must declare a state of emergency -- like the governors of Arizona and New Mexico did last week -- to win more federal funds and manpower in the fight to stem the flow of illegal aliens into the state. (link)
I'll bet a dollar to a donut, our erstwhile governor will ignore the pleas and do nothing. After all, that strategy has gained for him high praise in national Democratic Party circles thus far.

Honor Our Fallen Heroes

While the mainstream media proclaim the righteous infallibility of anti-American war protester Cindy Sheehan and broadcast her every grunt and inane lamentation, a group of true Americans is taking up the cross of freedom - literally.
Pro-war kin take down crosses at Sheehan site
By Joyce Howard Price, The Washington Times

Military families disturbed by a sea of crosses erected by anti-war protesters near President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas, have removed crosses bearing the names of their fallen children and transferred them to another site to show support for American troops in Iraq.

Anti-war protesters "never asked for my permission to put up a cross for my son for their cause," said Gary Qualls, whose son was killed in Iraq. "They are not respecting our sons and daughters." (link)
Respect for America's fallen sons and daughters. That's really what is most offensive about Sheehan's antics. She disrespects those Americans who served voluntarily and with a sense of duty, honor, country, who joined in the battle knowing full-well the inherent risk, who sacrificed everything in order to make this a safer country.

My respect for Cindy Sheehan ended when she spat on the graves of the 1800 soldiers killed in Iraq - including that of her own son - and began spewing vile, anti-American and anti-semitic hate-filled speech about the war on terror, about George W Bush, and about the USA (even about the state of Israel for some inexplicable reason).

Our prayers go out to Gary Qualls. As well as our sincere thanks for helping complete his son's mission.

How Did It Come To This?

When we were young, we were taught to invest in blue-chip stocks (common stocks of high value and relatively low risk that never declined no matter how bad the market was performing) so that we'd have a comfortable retirement nest egg when we retired. Two of those blue-chips that were always highly prized for their value were Ford and GM.

Well, to those of you who put all your eggs in that nest, I can only say, "tough luck ..."
Moody's cuts General Motors, Ford debt to junk status
By John Porretto, AP Auto Writer

DETROIT (AP) -- Moody's Investors Service on Wednesday became the latest credit rating agency to slash debt of both General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. to "junk" status, a move that will further increase borrowing costs for automakers.

The New York-based rating agency cut General Motor's debt to below investment grade, or junk status, because of its continued operating losses in North America and challenges to restructuring efforts. Moody's was the last of the big three rating agencies to move GM's debt to high-yield status.

The company has about $170 billion of outstanding debt, according to Moody's. (link)

And I'll bet the stockholders paid dearly for the geniuses who brought Ford and General Motors to this ignominious "edge-of-the-abyss."

Will either company survive in their current forms? Perhaps. But if I were you, I'd be looking to Toyota if you're looking for a good investment.

No Better Reason To Have Age Limitations

Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens admits that he screwed up when he voted in favor of the Kelo v New London eminent domain land seizure case. He also says he made a big mistake by siding with the majority in the California medical marijuana case.

That's real big of him.

Justice Weighs Desire v. Duty (Duty Prevails)

WASHINGTON, Aug. 24 - It is not every day that a Supreme Court justice calls his own decisions unwise. But with unusual candor, Justice John Paul Stevens did that last week in a speech in which he explored the gap that sometimes lies between a judge's desire and duty.

Addressing a bar association meeting in Las Vegas, Justice Stevens dissected several of the recent term's decisions, including his own majority opinions in two of the term's most prominent cases. The outcomes were "unwise," he said, but "in each I was convinced that the law compelled a result that I would have opposed if I were a legislator." (

OK. He actually said he was interpreting what the Constitution required in each case. But the fact that he brought the subject up means he's gotten the message that Americans are enraged (could it have been when he learned that Justice Souter's home is going to be seized?) and that he and his liberal pals made a huge mistake in both cases.

You're a day late though, Johnny. The damage is done. Others will have to come along and clean up your mess at a later point in time.