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Thursday, September 01, 2005

More Mfg Jobs To Leave The Area

Another nail in the coffin:
Covington to lose plant, 220 jobs
By Jeff Sturgeon, Roanoke Times

All the workers have been invited to apply for positions in Strasburg.

Lear Corp. said it will close its Covington plant, eliminating the jobs of all 220 workers. (link)
I sure hope those tourism jobs that Delegate Benny Keister is creating by renaming a road, and those Governor Mark Warner is creating by giving names to hiking trails, and the jobs Congressman Rick Boucher is creating by refurbishing a little-known and never-used public park kick in soon.

In the meantime, as in every other case of manufacturing job loss in the area, the Lear employees are invited to pack their meager possessions and move north.

For the love of God.

VA Tech Prof Gives The Other Side

I suppose it goes without saying that a professor of communication at Virginia Tech writes well but Sam G. Riley, professor of communication at Virginia Tech, writes well. In a letter published in today's Roanoke Times he provides us with both perspective and a powerful rebuttal to all the negative commentary that has been offered up regarding a team of Saudi educators who showed up at Tech for training, and made the mistake of asking that Middle Eastern social customs be respected.
Arrogance on the march in Blacksburg and Washington
Sam G. Riley
Riley is a professor of communication at Virginia Tech.

Sometimes little things really do mean a lot, or at least suggest a lot.

In the great flow of world events, Virginia Tech's recent whoop-de-doo over single-sex classes for visiting Saudi faculty is but a tempest in a demitasse, yet it hints at sins of far wider scope. (link)
It gets even better. Read the whole thing.