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Monday, September 12, 2005

For a Good Meal

Well, I made a complete embarrassment out of myself this evening. The Georgia Chopped Pork at The Fox & Hounds here in Pineville, North Carolina was just too delicious. To those of you back in Bland, you need to hop in the car and run on down here and try it.

I'm buyin'...

Virginia Blog Carnival Is Up

The second installment of the Virginia Blog Carnival is up over at BRIANPATTON.ORG. Check it out.

And I don't say that because of the kind and generous words Brian has for this humble website.

Well, actually it's all because of Brian's flattering words.

But check it out anyway.

When The News Isn't

The lead story in the Washington Post this morning is this:

Senate To Start Roberts Confirmation Hearings

Why do I make mention of this? It isn't news. The Post is telling us what is going to become news.

Just below that non-news item is this:
Bush Makes Visit To Gulf Coast

President Bush is going to fly down to New Orleans today. News? Later today it will be, yes. But not now.

So what gives? I'll tell you. Both of these are stories relating to today's hottest topics - the Roberts hearings and the hurricane cleanup. The fact that there is nothing new on either subject means the editors have to revert to outlining what will be news (perhaps) in order to keep the two stories on the front page. It's an interesting ploy. But it makes for a boring read.

The leadership at the Post, next time they analyze declining newspaper readership numbers, should give this some consideration.

These Guys Are Serious

Northwest Airlines has to do something to lower costs or bankruptcy will be the only alternative. Opposing any move to lower wages is the machinist's union. A strike was called two weeks ago and the battle is on.

It sounds, though, like one side isn't going to engage the adversary. They're just going to fire them all.

Talks fail; N'west says it will replace workers
By Joel J. Smith, The Detroit News

Northwest Airlines will begin permanently replacing all its 4,430 striking mechanics and aircraft cleaners on Tuesday as last-minute negotiations to reach a settlement fell apart over the weekend.

Leaders of the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association said Sunday they will continue picketing, hopeful Northwest will realize the replacement workers can't handle the job and come back to the bargaining table with a better offer. (link)
This wouldn't be the first time that a union was faced with extinction and chose extinction. But in this era of declining union membership and upheavel in blue collar ranks, this death wish is rather startling.