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Monday, September 19, 2005

Useful Idiot Proves Useful ... & Idiotic

Cindy Sheehan, she of Crawford, Texas drainage ditch fame, has decided, since she wasn't getting anywhere with President Bush, to go after Hillary Clinton. How sweet is this?
Protester Sheehan Presses Clinton To Withdraw Support for War
By JACOB GERSHMAN - Staff Reporter of the New York Sun

War protester Cindy Sheehan came to New York last night with a blunt warning for Senator Clinton: End your support for the war in Iraq or else.

In an interview after her speech, Ms. Sheehan said she has requested a meeting with Mrs. Clinton but has not gotten a reply. (link)
So it's into the ditch again for the ditsy darling of the looney left. And winter is fast approaching.

I'm going to enjoy this.

Virginia Blog Carnival Is Up

It looks like participation in the Virginia Blog Carnival is growing. To get a roundup of the commonwealth's best news and views, jump over to Norman Leahy's One Man's Trash and check out the many, many offerings. You'll find there entries from a number of well-known bloggers like Chad Dotson at Commonwealth Conservative and Brian Patton over at Brian Patton.org but there are some submissions from bloggers that I honestly didn't know existed. R804, authored by Robert Sterling, looks to be a great read as does Bill Emory's Black and White.

So. Take the time. Work your way through Norman's Virginia Blog Carnival III. You'll be glad you did.

The Downside to a Strict Regimen

Norman Leahy over at One Man's Trash makes reference to my habit of getting up at 4am each day. It's a routine that I developed years ago when I decided, because of a nasty habit I have with road rage, to leave for work (back when I was confined to an office in Detroit) by 6am. It worked well - I killed no commuters with a crowbar and my felony record is clean because of it. Oh, and I was never late for work.

Well, my eyes pop open at exactly 4:00 every morning still. I jump out of bed, put the coffee on, head into my office to fire up my new flamethrowin' Gateway super-high speed PC, open the office door that leads to my backyard so that Paula's cats can gather at the screen door to ... do whatever prompts them to all congregate at the screen door at 4 in the morning ... and my day begins.

Except when I'm traveling.

I'm in Denver. Mountain time. This morning, my eyes popped open at 2am - Denver time. There were (drunken) people still partying in the lounge downstairs and I'm up, getting ready for the new day. Somehow it seems so wrong.

But it's the life I've created for myself. And it works well for me.

Of course next week I'm headed to San Diego. Pacific time. 1am.

This is you brain on drugs ...

Money Unwell Spent

I read this grabber in the New York Times this morning:
Tragedy in Black and White

Race is the biggest reason America treats its poor more harshly than any other advanced country.
I wished to explore the article but, as it turns out, the Times has begun charging for a look into Krugman's descent into insanity. I have no problem paying for such things - if they're worth it. But Krugman isn't worth it, whatever the charge. So we'll never know for sure what he had in mind when he equates black people with poor people.

But it sure sounds like the Times has a bigot in its midst to me.

And as for the poor, I'd like to invite Krugman, whose only contact with destitute people occurs when he steps over them as he strolls down the sidewalk on his way to his posh digs, to get out of Manhattan and drop in on the struggling folks in Bland County, Virginia. Yes, we have our black people who are poverty stricken too. But when they line up at the Bland Ministry Center for a handout, a free haircut, or free dental work, along with the many, many white Americans who line up along with them, their skin color goes unnoticed and just doesn't seem to come up in conversation. The children do. The little babies. And the elderly. The infirm. But nobody's logging skin color.

Odd. They must have different poor people up in New York.

Upscale Chinese?

Ever been to an upscale Chinese restaurant? I found one in downtown Denver last night. As you all know, I have an uncontrollable addiction to Chinese and I have to satisfy the overpowering need at least once a week. So I found a place called PF Chang's and gave it a try.

So how do you know when you are in an "upscale" Chinese restaurant? The wait staff is in white shirt and tie, the food is expensive, and there isn't one Chinese person working the place. The cooks were all Mexicans (I didn't ask) and the waiters were all white guys. And when do you ever see a long line of hungry people waiting to get in to your neighborhood Chinese restaurant?

Anyway, the food was great - as Chinese always is.