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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

While I Party Here In Denver ...

Denver is a wonderful city. A person can get so caught up in the downtown area with its raucous and bustling and happenin' nightspots, or can become enthralled with the majestic Rockies a short drive to the west, that thoughts of the trials and tribulations of folks back home become distant. Opaque.

All it takes is a modem and a landline, though, to bring back certain realities. Like this (from the Bluefield Daily Telegraph):
Problem Idles Buchanan No. 1 Mine
By BILL ARCHER, Bluefield Daily Telegraph

OAKWOOD, Va. - A mechanical problem in Consol's Buchanan No. 1 Mine late Friday evening prompted the company on Monday to mail out a force majeure letter to customers advising them that coal shipments will likely be interrupted for a time, and that about 200 coal miners will be temporarily laid off while engineers work to repair the problem.

According to a Consol press release, a problem with the mine's skip hoist mechanism caused a loaded skip and an unloaded skip to fall to the bottom of the mine shaft - approximately 1,600 feet. No one was injured ... (link)
At least nobody was carried out on a stretcher. This time.

A world away. And yet the men and women at Buchanan No.1 are in my thoughts today. Keep them safe, Lord. There are no finer - or more deserving - people on this earth.

Angry Mob Makes The News

A large group of protesters assembled yesterday to protest the lack of action on the part of ... Taco Bell in downtown Denver. Service was slow and people had to get back to work. Tension was high; nerves were frayed. Looks of annoyance were the order of the day.

At the same time, a smaller group of anti-war protesters rallied in downtown Richmond, Virginia.

Guess which crowd made the news?
War protesters rally in Richmond
They are part of national tour led by activist mother Cindy Sheehan

About a dozen participants in the nationwide "Bring Them Home Now" tour stopped in front of the Virginia Army National Guard office at 304 W. Broad St. (link)
A dozen.

The planet trembled.

And the Richmond Times-Dispatch slaughtered a forest full of trees to bring you the stirring news.

Quote Of The Day

Not on S. Korea, We Hope
"N. Korea to Drop Nuclear Program"--headline, Associated Press, Sept. 19
James Taranto, Best of the Web, September 19, 2005