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Monday, September 26, 2005

Carnival of the Virginia Bloggers Is Up

Check out the many entries this week, hosted by 750 Volts, in the Carnival of the Virginia Bloggers IV. There are a number of great blogs participating this week. And the participation seems to be growing. Good stuff.

History Abounds

Here in Virginia, you can't shove a spade into the ground without unearthing American history. A family in Shawsville, near Roanoke, has found that out.

It's quite possible that George Washington once visited their back yard.

The story appears in The Roanoke Times:
Shawsville yard may be site of Revolutionary fort
By Tonia Moxley
Archaeological clues suggest the property may have been the location of Fort Vause.

SHAWSVILLE - Archaeologists found evidence Sunday that may prove a Shawsville couple's back yard was the site of a pre-Revolutionary War fort visited in 1756 by George Washington.

University of Kentucky archaeologists Steve and Kim McBride and geologist Greg Adamson, along with more than a dozen others, chopped, scraped and scooped through layers of drought-hardened ground this weekend to verify the location of Fort Vause. The crew found a handful of artifacts and a dark stain in the layers of soil. The stain especially looks like promising evidence that at least one British Colonial fort was built on the hill behind Jack and Laree Hinshelwood's house, Kim McBride said. (link)
Read the article. It provides a tiny glimpse into the rich history of the commonwealth that is Virginia.

Paying For Hurricane Katrina

A small group of Congressional Republicans is bucking the party leadership and (oh, the audacity!) is asking that the federal government actually cut discretionary spending in order to offset the cost of Hurricane Katrina reconstruction. The group was met - by the Republican leadership and by the entire Democratic Party/mainstream media - with anger and derision.

But, despite the pressure being applied on all sides, they press on. And have come up with a plan. To slash $900 billion from the federal budget (over ten years). For starters.

A report released by the Republican Study Committee includes the following spending cuts;
  • Delay the Medicare Prescription Drug Bill for one year (a savings of $30.8 billion)
  • Repeal certain highway "earmarks" (savings of $25 billion)
  • Increase Medicare B Premium from 25% to 30% (savings of $84.77 billion)
  • Restructure Medicare's cost-sharing requirement (a savings of $87.46 billion)
The list of proposed cuts goes on and on. And deserves more attention than our political leaders - from George W Bush on down - are going to give it.