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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Get a Life

It says something about the twisted liberal press in this country when, on the day the terrorist organization, Hamas, releases a video of the torture and murder of a kidnapped Israeli businessman, the Roanoke Times editorial staff condemns terrorism at Abu Ghraib prison - for the 81st time.

Reservists didn't abuse detainees in a vacuum
The leaders who fostered detainee abuse must be held accountable too.

Congratulations to military prosecutors who this week won conviction of a ninth Army reservist for abusing detainees at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. They now should go after the superiors who created an environment in which abuse flourished. (link)

Undisciplined and out-of-control guards at a prison force detainees to wear panties on their heads and the Times writes countless editorials denouncing the military, the government, the Republican Party ... the entire United States of America. But a terrorist group actually commits a savage terrorist act and the Times is shamefully silent.

Perhaps the ire of these champions of the oppressed would be aroused had Hamas forced Sasson Nuriel to wear panties on his head ... before they sliced it off.

How pathetic.

NY Times Is Outraged ... Again

This is rather amusing. The New York Times is demanding that Tom Delay (R-TX) be stripped of all his congressional powers, not because of the politically-machinated criminal indictment issued yesterday, but because he's "an embarrassment" to his party. These people crack me up.
Tom DeLay Behind the Curtain

Mr. DeLay should simply have resigned as majority leader, as Republican rules require and as others have done in this position.

Win or lose in court, Mr. DeLay should be permanently stripped of his leadership powers. The imperious Texan is an increasing embarrassment to his party ... (
I'm in the process of scouring the archives, looking for the New York Times' call for Ted Kennedy's resignation after having murdered a young woman and for Robert Byrd's resignation for having been a member of a terrorist organization or for John Kerry's resignation for lying about his war-hero status. And how 'bout those cattle futures? I know I read somewhere a Times denunciation of the heartthrob of the looney left. Somewhere.

If the Times is outraged by the allegation of transferring campaign contributions around, surely they've come out against murder, terror, criminal insider trading practices, and lying about medals unearned.

But I seem to be having trouble finding those editorials ...