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Friday, September 30, 2005

Now This Is Interesting

Shut my mouth. The NRA is endorsing a Virginia Democrat.
NRA taps Democrat in race for top lawyer
Creigh Deeds is the first Democrat running for statewide office to get such an endorsement in eight years.

By Michael Sluss, The Roanoke Times

RICHMOND -- The politically muscular National Rifle Association has endorsed Democrat Creigh Deeds for attorney general, providing the Bath County native with a boost in his efforts to win the support of gun owners and sportsmen.

Deeds, who announced the endorsement Thursday, is the first statewide Democratic candidate in eight years to receive the NRA's backing and the only one likely to get it in the 2005 campaign. (link)
Other Democrats would do well to tap into this resource. Four million heavily armed - and exceedingly motivated - caucasian boys will get you into office every time.

Roberts Confirmed & Sworn In

As predicted, John Roberts gained Senate confirmation and has been sworn in as Supreme Court Chief Justice.
Roberts Confirmed as 17th Chief Justice
Senate Republicans Are Unanimous, Democrats Evenly Split
By Charles Babington and Peter Baker, Washington Post Staff Writers

John Glover Roberts Jr. was sworn in yesterday as the 17th chief justice of the United States, enabling President Bush to put his stamp on the Supreme Court for decades to come, even as he prepares to name a second nominee to the nine-member court.

The White House swearing-in ceremony took place three hours after the Senate voted 78 to 22 to confirm Roberts. All 55 Republicans, half the 44 Democrats and independent Sen. James M. Jeffords (Vt.) voted yes. (link)
As I predicted when this saga began, we still know nothing substantive about the guy. He's either conservative or liberal, gay or straight (if you've not heard this, you've not been paying attention), politically partisan or apolitical, extremely shrewd and powerfully connected or geeky and wonkish.

I just hope he doesn't do anything stupid.

Another Brick In The Wall

As predicted, the Dutch are expanding their euthanasia program. Blacks and Arabs should be very afraid.
Dutch target terminally ill newborns
By Toby Sterling, Associated Press

AMSTERDAM -- The Dutch government intends to expand its current euthanasia policy, setting guidelines for when doctors can end the lives of terminally ill newborns with parents' consent.

A letter outlining the new directives will be submitted to parliament for discussion by mid-October, but the new policy will not require a vote or change of law, Dutch Health Ministry spokeswoman Annette Dijkstra said yesterday.

The Netherlands became the first nation to legalize euthanasia for adults under some conditions in 2001, and the latest move is likely to spark an outcry from the Vatican, pro-life proponents and advocacy groups for the handicapped. (link)
Of course the Dutch really have nothing on us. Our only prerequisite for killing the defenseless is that the person being killed can't object.

That's Not Good Enough

Congress Is renewing the Endangered Species Act. Unfortunately. In the process, your friendly neighborhood representative thinks he and she can placate you with this:
Endangered Species Act updated
By Amy Fagan, The Washington Times

The House yesterday passed Republican-backed legislation overhauling the Endangered Species Act that includes a provision requiring the government to compensate landowners whose property is confiscated to protect animals. (
Boy, I'll sure feel better when armed government marshalls invade my property and forcefully remove Paula and me from the land I've broken my back to maintain because someone squealed and told the feds that hairy spotted worm dung was found in my backyard in 1927. I'm going to be handed a check and told never to return.

Thank you, Republicans. You have such a way of giving me the warm and fuzzies.