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Saturday, October 01, 2005

It Comes Down To Begging

Said the mouse to the tiger:

An opportunity to unite, not divide

As President Bush reviews his short list of nominees to replace Justice O'Connor, he should recall his pledge to the nation. (link)
The Roanoke Times, September 30, 2005

A Lawsuit Coming To a Town Near You

As predicted, a Massachusetts Supreme Court decision affirming the state constitutionality of homosexual marriage - a right not contemplated by it authors or found by jurists in its 200 year history - is now going to be used as a springboard in courts across this land to have that "law" accepted as the law of the land.

Same-sex unions inviting litigation
By Cheryl Wetzstein, The Washington Times

Connecticut's civil union law goes into effect today while a Massachusetts lawsuit that could have national ramifications goes before that state's highest court next week.

The Massachusetts lawsuit involves a 1913 marriage-residency law. If it is overturned, it could mean that same-sex couples from anywhere in the country would be allowed to "marry" in Massachusetts.

Legal experts agree that if this happened, many couples would sue for recognition of their "marriages" in their home states. (
I am opposed to a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage but it may become necessary if judges don't stop legislating from the bench.

Quote Of The Day

Is Political Correctness Finished?--I

The latest Bill Bennett kerfuffle leads us to think that the culture of political correctness that surrounds race in America may be in its final throes. Bennett and a caller to his radio show the other day were discussing a hypothesis in Steven Levitt's book "Freakonomics" ... : that the explosion of abortion after Roe v. Wade depleted the number of potential criminals and thus helped reduce the crime rate. Bennett rejected such utilitarian pro-abortion arguments:

It's true that if you wanted to reduce crime, you could--if that were your sole purpose, you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down. That would be an impossible, ridiculous, and morally reprehensible thing to do, but your crime rate would go down. So these far-out, these far-reaching, extensive extrapolations are, I think, tricky.
So why do we see this as a sign of political correctness's decline? Well, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, we kept hearing from our liberal friends that what this country needs is an honest discussion of race. Of course, liberals who call for a discussion of race never actually want it to be honest. Rather, they want to engage in the old familiar ritual in which blacks air their grievances, white liberals trumpet their moral superiority, the rest of us shut up and listen, and dissenters are shamed and silenced ... (link requires subscription)
James Taranto, Best of the Web, September 29, 2005

Is It Morning Yet?

Work brings me to San Diego for the next several days. I come to you this morning (more on that later) from a hotel on the harbor, a few blocks up from the aircraft carrier Midway and across the harbor from a huge naval base (the name of which I think someone said was Coronado). An honest-to-God three-masted schooner, the Star of India, is docked nearby for your tourist pleasure. The Padres were playing a few blocks over; the towering stadium lights illuminating the night sky to the south of downtown.

I got here in time last night to wander the area. Every restaurant was jammed with patrons and music was blaring from every one of them onto the streets. This being Southern California, each eatery has tables set up outside along the sidewalk. One doesn't need to consult a menu in order to determine what entrees are offered; you just gaze at the array on the plates at the various tables to get a good idea what's available. It all looked fabulous.

The natives here in Southern California dress differently from the rest of the world. All the women are made up as if they're going to get a casting call from MGM at any moment (the display of cleavage must be a job requirement), and all the guys try to be as effeminate-looking as possible. I fully appreciate the former; I don't understand the latter. But to each his own.

As I mentioned several days ago, my brain stays on eastern time and I always get up at 4am. It's 1:55 in the morning here (PST) but my brain clock says it's time to get up so my day has begun. My guess is, if I were to walk downtown, the bars would still be hopping, and I'm up and ready for a new day. One of us is going to have to give on this. Either I conform to Pacific time or San Diego adopts Eastern Standard Time the way God meant for it to be. I'm going to campaign for the latter.

Anyway, this is as beautiful a city as you've heard it was. In every way. Wish you were here.