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Monday, October 03, 2005

Blind Hatred

The editorialists at the Roanoke Times are so blinded by their hatred of President Bush, they often come across as irrational. Today's editorial entitled "Bush's Envoy Gets An Earful" is a perfect example.

The article focuses on Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes' visit to the Middle East and local reaction to the war on terror.
Over there -- in the Middle East, where women and children are suffering the physical and emotional agonies that are the inevitable effects of war -- the president's undersecretary of state found that news of her man's inner torments is strangely unmoving. (link)
To read that you'd think Karen Hughes had visited war-torn Iraq.

Well, no.
... in Turkey, where the U.S. Embassy asked a women's rights group to choose the guest list, the public relations maven faced a more restive crowd.
That would be war-torn Turkey, it would seem, and those women (let alone children) who are suffering both physical and emotional agonies as effects of war have to be at least 91 years old since Turkey hasn't been involved in a full-scale war since the Armenian people there were selected for genocide (Bush's fault too, no doubt). In other words, they haven't suffered any war-related agonies - physical, emotional, or otherwise - since 1914.

So what in God's name are these people trying to say? Who knows. But don't try to make too much of this idiocy; you'll just confound yourself.

This is simply more of the same tired rant: "We hate Bush."


In case you're wondering if I fell into the Pacific Ocean last night, having not posted to the weblog today, I haven't. My laptop went on the fritz this morning and, after 90 minutes of working with one of our IT guys over the phone to fix a nagging problem with both dial-up and wireless, it was decided I'd need to send it in for repair. So I've borrowed a machine for this afternoon and will limp along until I'm able to make it home.

How annoying.