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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Global Warming Causes ... Every Problem Known To Man

Here's the latest idiocy on the global warming front relayed by Matt Drudge:
Global warming could create all-female turtle populations: scientists

Global warming could have devastating effects on migratory species, including the possible disappearance of male sea turtles, a study will warn on Thursday.

A research team led by the British Trust for Ornithology said climate change could disrupt migration and breeding for many animals, with dire consequences for vulnerable species like the marine turtle.

Warmer climates could result in exclusively female turtle populations because the gender of hatchlings is affected by water temperature, the study said. (

But then, if chickens had lips, they could whistle.

It's Enron's Fault!

I'm always amused by the Roanoke Times' "Briefly Put" segment. Mostly because it is either dry and humorless - in an attempt to be humorous - or it makes no sense. Today's offering is in the latter category:
Briefly put ...
The Roanoke Times

Because the Earth's rotation is gradually slowing, the international body that oversees timekeeping every couple of years adds a second to the year to keep clocks synchronized with the sun. Astronomers and other scientists have relied for decades on that synchronization for accurate research.

Now, some U.S. experts want to abolish leap seconds because, they say, the resettings are too expensive.

Hang on a second. When did corporate convenience take precedence over the accumulation of knowledge and the position of the sun in the sky? (
About that last sentence -

I read this silliness three times looking for any mention of even a hint of involvement of those evil corporations (Halliburton!) in the stirring - even breathtaking - debate revolving around the issue of the earth's rotation and timekeeping (and that precious second). None was to be found. But that didn't stop the author from attacking corporations anyway. What this person, who obviously has led a cloistered life in too many editorial boardrooms when he or she should have been out in the real world flipping a few burgers for a living, doesn't comprehend is that business works without relationship to the clock. The fact that my morning started yesterday at 6:45 am (give or take that second) and ended when I got home at 10pm yesterday is a testament to that.

Sorry. I have so much more to say on this issue. But it's time for me to go to work.

I Don't Know

I know you are all wondering what I think of President Bush's most recent nominee to the Supreme Court. I have no opinion. And won't.

Just as nobody knows, after all that's been said and written, where Chief Justice John Roberts stands on issues or whether he leans left or right, we'll never know until Harriet Miers sits on the bench exactly how her mind works. That's why, when I read headlines like this (from a Texas Senator writing in the Wall Street Journal), I don't even bother to read them. Their all fluff and politics and serve me no purpose.
Harriet Miers
A Supreme Court nominee who understands real people.
She understands real people. Great. That qualifies her for her own talk show. So put her on right after Oprah.

But what is her take on the original intent of the Constitution? We'll never know.

Quote Of The Day

John Kerry* has weighed in against Miers:

"America can't afford a replay of the unrevealing confirmation process that preceded Chief Justice Roberts' confirmation. . . . Without a meaningful exchange during the confirmation hearings, there is no way to know how Ms. Miers views the Constitution, whether she's a strict constructionist in the mold of Justices Scalia and Thomas, or whether she will protect fundamental rights."
This from a guy who claimed his "war hero" record qualified him to be president but refused to release his military records until after the election, and then only to a handful of friendly journalists. We wish we could say Kerry's opposition was an argument in Miers's favor, but the guy is so mindlessly partisan--he even opposed Souter!--that his words have no significance. (link)
James Taranto, "Best of the Web," October 4, 2005

I Have An Idea

The Russians are debating what to do with Lenin's body:
With Lenin's Ideas Dead, Russia Weighs What to Do With Body
C. J. CHIVERS, The New York Times

MOSCOW, Oct. 4 - For eight decades he has been lying in state on public display, a cadaver in a succession of dark suits, encased in a glass box beside a walkway in the basement of his granite mausoleum. Many who revere him say he is at peace, the leader in repose beneath the lights. Others think he just looks macabre.

Time has been unkind to Lenin, whose remains here in Red Square are said to sprout occasional fungi, and whose ideology and party long ago fell to ruins. Now the inevitable question has returned. Should his body be moved? (link)
I think we should bring Lenin's corpse to the United Nations and prop him up in a corner, to serve as a reminder to those who still see the Communist "workers paradise" as ideal that Communism is what Lenin is: a mummy long dead and forgotten.

Back In God's Country

Well, I'm back on my mountain this morning. I rolled in late last night from San Diego via a completely chaotic O'Hare.

An odd occurrence:

A group of passengers at our gate at O'Hare had attempted to go on standby. Wherever they came from, apparently their luggage had gone on a different plane because these people had been on standby too long - or some such.

Well, the attendant was giving them hell because their luggage had gone a different route and FAA regulations require that one's luggage be on the plane with the passenger. She was refusing to allow them on the plane because of this. They were all mad. She was frenzied. I was shaking my head in amazement.

To put an interesting twist on the story: when I got into Greensboro last night, my luggage didn't appear on the carousel with everyone elses. My thought was, "Uh oh." But it had arrived on an earlier flight somehow - from Washington Dulles ......

Somewhere in the bowels of United Airlines headquarters, all this makes sense. Or is accepted as just another day in happyland.

Me? I'm just glad to be back on my mountain.