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Friday, October 21, 2005

Closer To Home

On Tuesday I made mention (here) of witnessing the aftermath of a horrific accident on I-64 that resulted in a tragic fatality and of how it gave me reason to focus on my own mortality. If only for a brief moment.

Then today I read about Kilo over at Spark It Up! Check out the pictures of his truck.

I thought I had posted my harrowing tale regarding my doing 85 miles an hour on the bypass in a little rental car out in Kansas City last week as I was trying to get to the airport before my plane left. I made the flight. In one piece. The car seemed to be gasping for breath though by the time I pulled into the Hertz lot (on two wheels) (don't tell them).

Taking the above stories into account, I think I'd better slow down.


I'm Going To Have To Steal That Line

Fish wrap. I like it. As in: Any newspaper that sucks so bad, doesn't rise to the level of fish wrap. Or, as Norman Leahy over at One Man's Trash puts it in referring to an obscure Staunton newspaper:
Any newspaper that uses [Garrison] Keillor as a source for old-fashioned Republican values...that holds the Other Candidate [some guy named Potts] up as a pillar of truth...and believes the Great Issues of the Day are what drive the bulk of voters to the polls...doesn't even rise to the level of fish wrap.

And all this time, I thought the Daily Press and Roanoke Times had cornered the market on idiocy. Their stranglehold has been broken. (
As many of you know, I'm not above stealing a good line. And that's a good line. Sorry, Norm.

Tell Me Again Who The Racists Are?

Darrell over at The Southern Conservative provides us with a good bit of wisdom regarding the BILL BENNETT IS A RACIST kerfuffle:
Such an irony. Bill Bennett, who does oppose the abortion of black babies, has been labled a racist by those who support it. (link)
Read the whole thing. It's a great piece.

I must tell you, I get really confused these days with the whole racism issue.

Don't Try To Understand Them

Yesterday I made a feeble attempt at explaining the mindset of America's environmentalists. In the process, I made it clear that these people cannot be reasoned with and that facts relating to the real world are but distractions that get in the way of their efforts to solve problems that don't exist.

Well, James Taranto of Best of the Web fame apparently wasn't reading my weblog yesterday. He struggles (here) with the same issue - what turnip truck America's environmentalists fell off of.
[An] example of anthropomorphizing nature appears in a Gainesville (Fla.) Sun editorial:

"Our earth and its atmosphere seem to be reacting to something that doesn't agree with it. The ground is fidgeting with earthquakes, and the atmosphere is flailing and thrashing with hurricanes and tornadoes. Could it be a result of global warming that has been warned of so often, an idea resisted by many?"

Anyone care to explain how "global warming" is supposed to cause earthquakes?
James. James. One can't explain the inexplicable. Here's what you need to do: Just go with it. Don't try to understand it. As the mainstream press has learned to do so well, revel in it. Once you get in the The World Is Coming To An End as a result of mankind's brazen: (a) rape of Mother Earth's natural resources and (b) emission of greenhouse gases and (c) burning of fossil fuels and (d) destruction of the rainforest and (e) not recycling and (f) reliance on the internal combustion engine and automobiles to get around and (g) creation and use of nuclear energy and (h) drilling for oil in ANWR and (i) destruction of the world's coral reefs and (j) killing of baby harp seals and (k) wearing of fur and (l) eating cows and (m) cutting down trees in our national forests, you will live a more rewarding life and will then be accepted into all those effete circles in Manhattan.

That or go mad trying to deal with the idiocy.

Questions With No Answers

What in the human psyche would instill in a mother of small children the need to do this:
Mother charged with murder
By LISA LEFF, Associated Press Writer

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A woman seen dropping her three young sons into San Francisco Bay from a downtown pier was charged with murder Thursday while anguished relatives kept vigil and rescuers combed the chilly water for the bodies of two of the victims.

Lashuan T. Harris, 23, was being held in a hospital jail ward after police saw her pushing an empty baby stroller away from the pier where a witness reported spotting a woman drop the children into the water Wednesday night.

The body of Harris' middle child, Taronta Greeley, 2, was recovered late Wednesday about two miles from the 10-foot pier not far from Fishermen's Wharf, a major tourist spot.

The other children - Treyshun Harris, 6, and Joshoa Greeley, 16 months - were missing and presumed dead Thursday after more than 24 hours in water with a swift current. (link)
At times we look around and simply shake our heads in disbelief.

And Finally an Answer

A mother somewhere waited her entire adult life for an answer that probably is coming too late:

Body chipped from glacier likely a WWII airman
By Juliana Barbassa, Associated Press

FRESNO, Calif. -- An ice-encased body believed to be a World War II airman who crashed in 1942 was chipped out of a Sierra Nevada glacier and taken to a laboratory for identification, a deputy coroner said yesterday.

As the frozen body thaws, a picture is emerging -- a fair-haired man in an Army uniform who suffered broken bones when his aircraft crashed in the wilderness, forensic experts said.

Soft tissues like skin and muscle have been well-preserved, as well as the man's sun-bleached hair and his uniform, which identifies him as a World War II-era serviceman, officials said.

"There's a very good possibility for identification," said Paul Emanovsky, a forensic anthropologist with the Hawaii-based Joint Prisoner of War Accounting Command, which recovers and identifies missing military personnel. (link)
Someone will be notified in coming days of the whereabouts of a relative that went missing 63 years ago. There is a slight chance that this airman's mother is still alive and will finally know what happened to her missing son.

From World War II alone, there are 78,000 mothers still awaiting such news.

There's The Door, Pal

Ted Stevens, REPUBLICAN senator from Alaska, and one of the most profligate spenders in United States government, has threatened to resign if the senate voted to stop construction of the quarter billion dollar "bridge to nowhere."
Stevens wins Senate fight for Alaska's $230 million bridge
By Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times

The president pro tem of the Senate got his $230 million bridge, but only after he threatened to quit if he didn't.

Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, the chamber's senior Republican, became furious when Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, offered an amendment yesterday that would have forbidden building the bridge and sent some of the money to rebuild the Interstate 10 bridge across Lake Pontchartrain, which was damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

"If the Senate decides to discriminate against our state, to take money only from our state, I will resign from this body," Mr. Stevens said. "If one senator can decide he'll take all the money from one state to solve a problem of another, that is not a union. That is not equality."

He was defending a bridge from Ketchikan, Alaska, with a population slightly less than 15,000, to Gravina Island, with a population counted in the dozens.

Critics have dubbed it the "bridge to nowhere," but Alaska's congressional delegation said the bridge is the only way for the region to see economic growth because it would connect the only parts of the area that are still in private hands and can be developed. (link)
As soon as this old man had issued the threat to resign, I would have walked over and held the door for him. The USA can't afford politicians like him any more. And with President Bush spending money now like a drunken sailor, the Republican Party can't afford to have two Democrat-wannabes running things.

Oh, I almost forgot. The senate decided to go ahead and pay for the bridge that all of six people each day will use, in an era when our children are burdened with a national debt the likes of which our founding fathers would be ashamed of.