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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Taranto Crosses The Line

It's not often you read a criticism of a literary figure that centers around that figure being gay and, therefore, being unable to comprehend heterosexual matters. James Taranto, writing for yesterday's edition of Best of the Web, goes after journalist and fellow blogger Andrew Sullivan for making references - ad nauseum - to an incident that occurred at the Gitmo terrorist detention center that involved the use of "fake blood." Or as Sullivan frequently calls it - "fake menstrual blood." He has used the term in the past to decry the "abuses" that have occurred in Cuba, in Afghanistan, at Abu Ghraib, in the White House, etc. etc. etc.

Taranto takes Sullivan to task for beating a dead horse and for abusing the term, "fake menstrual blood," as if it is somehow more horrific than using "fake blood" from another source.

There is something else that needs to be mentioned so that a full understanding is gained here. Andrew Sullivan is gay. Openly and proudly homosexual.

Taranto writes:
Note how when Sullivan (or most anyone else) writes about this, it's always "fake menstrual blood," never just "fake blood." Lots of people are squeamish about blood, but the suggestion here is that there is something sordid about menstruation.

This is nonsense. A woman's reproductive cycle is natural and normal. Girls realize this within hours of hitting puberty, but it takes longer for boys to figure out. To a preteen male, the news that women have periods is unsettling. But boys eventually become men, and most of them have intimate relationships with women, which helps to demystify the female reproductive system. To a mature man, menstruation is not a horror.

There are, however, exceptions--adult men who remain strangers to the female body. Among them are homosexual men who identify as gay at a young age and thus do not have heterosexual experiences. Also among them are single men from sexually repressed cultures, such as fundamentalist Islamic ones, in which contact between the sexes is rigidly policed [my emphasis]. Many of America's enemy prisoners fall into the latter category. If the mere idea of "fake menstrual blood" discombobulates Andrew Sullivan so, it stands to reason that its actual employment might be an
excellent way to break the enemy's resistance. (
link requires subscription)

James Taranto is comparing homosexuals to Muslims ("single men from sexually repressed cultures"). I read that and said, "ouch." Tell us what you really think, Jimmy.

My guess is there will be hell to pay for this transgression. After all, gay people are a protected class and are treated with deference in all matters sexual. To declare one's homosexuality - or to consider oneself an honorary homosexual - is a badge to be worn proudly in this day and age. Taranto has done what one doesn't do - and live to tell it.

Poor guy. He doesn't realize that we're not allowed to have intellectual discussions about such matters. I think the United States government calls such blasphemy a hate crime punishable by many years of imprisonment. Let me be the first to respond, Andrew. Hang the heterosexual bastard.

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

It's flu season again. In more ways than one. We have become accustomed to having the beejeebers scared out of us by the mainstream press with their alarming stories about vaccine shortages and the potential for mass death. This year, though, we are also treated to stories about a strain of influenza that is generally being referred to as Avian Flu, a virus that is killing birds in far-off lands - Croatia, India - one that has the potential of bringing about even more mass death. Or not.

The opportunity for widespread health problems - and the hype that goes along with it - is taken advantage of this morning by the Wall Street Journal and is used to make the point that I've made on previous occasions (during the We're All Going To Die flu scare of 2004) regarding the underlying reason we are so unprepared for a flu outbreak here in the USA. And it's not because corporations are cruel, heartless, and greedy.
...some good will come out of this public alarm if we use it as an opportunity to understand why the U.S. is now so poorly armed to cope with a deadly flu outbreak. The reason is that our political class has spent the past 30 years driving the vaccine industry out of business with its own virus of over-regulation, price controls, litigation and intellectual-property abuse.

The U.S. today has only three large vaccine makers -- down from 37 in the 1960s. This is the reason that, as recently as 2001, there was a shortage of eight of 11 critical childhood vaccines. It is also the reason the U.S. fell drastically short of flu vaccine a year ago, after a shut-down of one of two major flu-vaccine makers. And it is the reason only one company, Switzerland's Roche, is being counted on for a drug that would potentially protect against bird flu. (link requires subscription)

One company worldwide is now counted on to produce quantities of a vaccine necessary to inoculate every human being on the planet. Great plan.

Where's Hillary? We need to talk.

This is what we can expect the result to be when she and her buddies in government are able to enact "universal healthcare." It will be universal only in the sense that we'll all be afforded the same opportunity for treatments - or lack of opportunity as the case may be. She is prepared to do for you what other socialists have done for the rest of the globe.

Count me out.