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Monday, October 24, 2005

See Virginia's Blog Carnival Later Today

It appears Adam Gurri over at Sophistpundit isn't an early riser. Either that or his place of employment has him locked out of his office until a more reasonable hour and he is unable to get to his computer.

In either case, the latest installment of The Virginia Blog Carnival should be up and running on Adam's weblog sometime today. You should check it out. Virginia's most prolific and creative and articulate opinion savants are to be found - not on the editorial pages of the many news rags (or fish wrap as I prefer now to call them) that somehow seem to survive - but in the commonwealth's plethora of weblogs.

The excitement builds...

Is There a Correlation?

Brazil Is the murder capital of the world. "More people are killed by firearms in Brazil than anywhere else; about 36,000 gun fatalities were reported by the government last year." (link) Despite the carnage - and the best efforts of the planet's leftists - the citizenry there voted overwhelmingly on Sunday to not ban the sale of firearms or ammunition.
Brazilians Reject Measure To Ban Sale of Firearms Issue
Defeated Decisively in National Vote

By Monte Reel, Washington Post Foreign Service

BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 23 -- Brazilian voters on Sunday decisively rejected a proposal to outlaw the sale of firearms and ammunition following an aggressive campaign by opponents who argued it would leave citizens defenseless against armed criminals.

With more than 92 percent of the ballots counted, 64 percent of Brazilian voters opposed the ban, which its backers hoped would help Brazil shed its label as one of the world's most dangerous countries. (link)
Perhaps the people of Brazil understand what the ban's backers don't: When guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns.

Where have I heard that before?

Feel The Love

Leftists in the Episcopal Church want their leadership to be more inclusive. More accepting of homosexuals. Or else.
Episcopal liberals prepare for split
By Julia Duin, The Wadhington Times

A liberal Episcopal group is crafting a strategy to disenfranchise about 16 conservative bishops if the denomination's pivotal General Convention next year in Columbus, Ohio, results in a church split.

Informally named the "Day After" for the aftermath of the June 13-21 event, the strategy outlines a way to file canonical charges against conservative bishops, unseat them from their dioceses, have interim bishops waiting to replace them and draft lawsuits ready to file before secular courts for possession of diocesan property. (link)
You might recall, all this started when the liberal hierarchy in the Episcopal Church decided to consecrate the ordination of a homosexual bishop, saying at the time, that the church needed to be more inclusive. Somehow I don't think the church body expected the word "inclusion" to mean "destruction." But it's hard to tell these days.

The message to conservative bishops is clear: Be inclusive or we'll exclude you. I'm not sure but that doesn't seem very loving.

False Premises

When you read an opinion piece and it starts out like this, there's no reason to even go on.

Gas Taxes: Lesser Evil, Greater Good

There's no serious disagreement that two major crises of our time are terrorism and global warming. And there's no disputing that America's oil consumption fosters both. (link)

This is the first sentence of the lead editorial in the New York Times this morning.

I suppose the devil is in the word "serious." Adding that adjective, in the minds of those who actually believe such nonsense, rules people like me out. I came to the conclusion long ago that leftists like those who work at the Times consider us all to be uneducated, unenlightened rubes. Fly-over country. The yet-to-be serious.

But for the record, I seriously disagree that (a) global warming is a crisis and that (b) America's oil consumption fosters (verb: promote the growth of) terrorism.

Global warming may be leading us to a crisis. Scientists disagree. In fact, they can't even agree that the earth's warming trend is necessarily a bad thing. And as for terrorism, America's oil consumption may, in the end, be paying for some of those bomb belts that the Islamic terrorists are strapping to themselves just before they go out looking for innocent women and children to murder, but it is Islamic fundamentalism - Islamist hatred - that is fostering the desire, the eagerness, to kill.

So read no further, friends. These people destroyed their credibility right out of the shoot.

Oh, by the way, the editorial, for those of you who are taking my advice and will not be reading the piece, advocates, yup, higher taxes.

$4.00 a gallon gas. That'll fix the environment and show those damn terrorists.