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Friday, October 28, 2005

We'll Not Forget ... Or Forgive

In 1898, the rallying cry for Teddy Roosevelt's "Roughriders" as they stormed up San Juan Hill was "Remember the Maine!"

In 1944, as U.S. troops came ashore in Normandy, the rallying cry was "Remember Pearl Harbor!"

In 2005, the rallying cry in conservative circles is: Remember David Souter!

Poor Harriet Miers. I was so hoping to find out just what kind of Supreme Court justice she was going to be. But she withdrew her nomination yesterday so now I'll never know.

What I do know is this: The Conservative Movement in America is never going to allow a Republican President to nominate a judge to the highest court in the land unless that judge has a clearly conservative track record. Not again. We have been burned too many times with "stealth candidates" who are touted as being conservative, like Anthony Kennedy, but turn out to create law as only liberal judges can. Hard-core liberals like David Souter.

One can't listen to a discussion these days about fixing the Supreme Court without Souter's name coming up. Souter, you may remember, was a virtual unknown nominated by George Bush the Elder so as to avoid a Bork-like fight in the Senate. We were assured that Souter was "one of us." Instead he has proven over and over again to be "one of them."

Conservatives will never make the mistake again of taking anyone's word on such matters. Candidates will have to prove themselves no matter how much hype and fanfare they bring to the proceedings.

Harriet Miers may very well be a conservative - these days. We'll never know. But the lesson learned here should be in the fact that we can no longer take the chance or wait to find out.

Remember David Souter!

The Virginia Blog Carnival Goes To 'The Dogs'

Snoopy over at River City Rapids is hosting the Virginia Blog Carnival this week. Go here to see the rules. And don't let the name 'Snoopy' fool you. If you don't follow the rules, he'll hunt you down like a ...dog.

The Carnival will be posted on Monday. Be there.