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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Firefighter Goes Hollywood

The firefighter shown fourth from the left in this photo I ungraciously lifted from Lt. Rhett Fleitz's fascinating and informative blog, Roanoke Firefighters, depicts a smiling Nick Stokes look-alike (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation) by the name of Jarrod Fuhrman. He and the other firefighters came together at Roanoke's Community Hospital to provide area children with much-needed fire safety instruction.

Thanks go out to Jarrod, his fellow instructors, and to Lt. Rhett for their efforts.

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Photo courtesy of Lt. Rhett Fleitz and Roanoke Firefighters

Roanoke Times Endorses Kaine

The Roanoke Times came out with a warm endorsement of Tim Kaine's candidacy for governor of the state of Virginia this morning:
Tim Kaine for governor
Virginia needs a leader who knows the vital importance of investing in the future of the state. (

Let me give you a lesson in "Reading Endorsement Editorials." When the main point focuses on what the favored candidate isn't, you know the endorsement is half-hearted and the enthusiasm is tepid. It appears, upon careful reading, that the only reason The Times supports Kaine is because he's not a Republican. And the author would prefer that Mark Warner run again.
Virginia cannot afford a return to the era of fiscal mismanagement characterized by the two Republican governors who preceded Mark Warner in the Executive Mansion.

After eight years of short-sheeting the state budget by George Allen and Jim Gilmore, Warner led a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers that made the hard choices needed to keep Virginia solvent and able to make necessary investments in the future for such vital public services as education and transportation -- even though the needs still far outweigh the resources to meet them.

Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine is the one candidate for governor who can continue leading Virginia in the right direction, and avoid a disastrous detour to the failed policies of the past.
Disastrous? Gosh. How did we survive those years?

Anyway, The Times endorses (fill in the blank), Democrat candidate for governor.

Roanoke Times Endorses Benny

Poor Benny Keister. He gets no respect. Having listened to him speak in the past, I have a suspicion he doesn't deserve any, but he seems like a swell guy. And means well. Oh, I guess I should tell you, Benny is my representative to the Virginia House of Delegates. And a good old boy.

The Roanoke Times this morning endorses Benny's candidacy for reelection with these compelling words:

Democrat Benny Keister of Pulaski County is trying to hold on to his House seat for a fourth term against a spirited challenge by a member of the Wythe County Board of Supervisors, Republican Anne B. Crockett-Stark.

We recommend Keister's re-election, as a Democrat who can help counter the irresponsible fiscal leanings of the Republican leadership in Virginia's House. (link)
That's it. He's not a Republican. So vote for him. Not exactly something you'd put on the tombstone but an endorsement just the same.

For what it's worth, Benny, if reelected, intends to improve transportation and education.

That's my guy. Bold. Cutting edge. Innovative. Unflappable. Undettered. And shrewd. He's inviting all of you who are opposed to improving transportation and education to vote for his opponent, Anne B. Crockett-Stark. Only problem is, she's for both as well.

As for me, I can't forget Benny's strategy for revitalizing the area's economy, introduced with great fanfare back in June. It was Benny, you may recall, who came up with the idea of giving Highway 11 a name - "The Widerness Road." That's intended to bring tourists flocking to the area. Somehow. I guess, once the folks up north find out that we have "wilderness" down here, they'll want to come check it out and, at the same time, tour our abandoned factories and then they'll surely want to stroll Governor Warner's hiking trails (that was Mark's contribution to the area's revitalization plan; I think it's intended to work in conjunction with Benny's renaming of a highway plan). Both these plans, coupled with Congressman Rick Boucher's plan for speeding up the area's burgeoning unemployment lines, why heck, we got us a path to economic prosperity, by jiggy.

For what it's worth, there is a possibility that ol' Benny's keister is going to get bounced from office next week. I'll surely miss him.

I think the governor should name a hiking trail after him or something.