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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Keeping The Dogs At Bay

Chad Dotson reminds me (here) why I structured this weblog to not include COMMENTS at the end of each post:
Because of multiple violations of the comment policy, and a few people who continue to make personal attacks on me, all comments at Commonwealth Conservative will be moderated for at least the next week. As a friend says, comments are always welcome. If you violate the comment policy, however, your comment will be deleted without explanation. If you don’t like it, start your own blog and say whatever you want.
To my knowledge Chad has never offered up a mean-spirited or hateful post to his weblog. No personal attacks. Unlike me, he even avoids name-calling and ridicule.

But we seem to live in an age in which opposition to a particular political point of view is seen as being tantamount to rekindling the ovens at Auschwitz. At least in the minds of some on the left. Although it's a shame, it's also something I'm more than willing to confront. That's why I invite email comments to be forwarded directly to me at fromonhigh@earthlink.net. In handling commentary in this way, I can get a bit more "up close and personal" with those who choose to call me names - without offending my dear readers.

It's better than resorting to this.

Is Incompetency No Longer a Firing Offense?

Here's today's insufferable installment of The Roanoke Times' "Briefly Put ... " editorial offering:
Briefly put...
The Roanoke Times

Plans by a libertarian movement to recruit 20,000 people to establish a community in low-tax New Hampshire have fallen short, by more than 13,000 settlers.

Attracted by the state's lack of sales and income taxes, the Free State Project hoped to form a society within a society based on maximum individual choice and minimum government.

Most of those being recruited remain in California and Florida, so the meager response more than likely reflected a maximum individual choice to avoid New England winters. (link)
The author always searches out some innocuous bit of information - sometimes a news item - and then retches some punchline that is intended to ... do God knows what.

So here we have a story about some libertarians wanting to resettle to New Hampshire in order to create some taxless society (an idea that cries out for a punchline), and the editorialist comes up with:
... the meager response more than likely reflected a maximum individual choice to avoid New England winters.
Somebody kill me. I can't take this anymore.

I can only guess that this was an attempt at humor. Or was it a child's stab at rebuttal? And what is a maximum individual choice? Can there be a more poorly chosen adjective? Surely there is a crime here punishable by many years of imprisonment.

By the same token, I read a letter to the editor (here) written by a Betsy Biesenbach that is well written and humorous. Here's a snippet:
Vote for 'Liberal Leslie Byrne'

Because of all the fuss over the very tight governor's race this year, until a few weeks ago, I had no idea who was running for lieutenant governor. Then one day, I heard an ad on the radio about someone called "Liberal Leslie Byrne."

Before we get into the subject of her political views, let's discuss her name. What was her mother thinking when she named her daughter "Liberal?"

In her defense, maybe the poor woman had no way of knowing that 50 years down the road "liberal" would be a dirty word in some circles, and that certain unscrupulous politicians who believe their constituents are too stupid to think for themselves would use it as a code word for "don't bother to check out this candidate. We already have, and we don't want you to vote for her."

But what's done is done, and it can't be helped now.
Good stuff.

I hereby recommend that The Roanoke Times fire the maximum individual loser who I'll bet actually gets paid to write "Briefly Put ... " and replace him or her with Ms. Biesenbach.

My blood pressure can't take this anymore.