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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

More of the Same

As predicted, Tim Kaine has won.
Democrat Tim Kaine elected governor
GOP's Bolling wins lieutenant governor

Democrat Timothy M. Kaine easily defeated Republican Jerry W. Kilgore for governor last night, dealing the GOP a blow in a second consecutive gubernatorial election. (link)

More tourism ...

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Sigh ...

Well, We Did Our Part

Benny Keister's reign has come to an end.
Republicans win 6th, 9th District

Incumbent Benny Keister was ousted and Allen Dudley prevailed in a heated race to retain his House seat.
By Paul Dellinger and Mason Adams, The Roanoke Times

Republicans carried two of the most competitive House of Delegates races in Western Virginia, winning both the 6th and the 9th districts.

In Fairlawn, Del. Benny Keister, D-Pulaski County, did not mince words Tuesday night about what was going on in his bid for a fourth term in the House.

"Getting my tail kicked," he said, staring glumly at the television set as he and supporters gathered in Fairlawn to await the results.

In Wytheville, Republican Anne Crockett-Stark said she was ready to go to work and credited the people who had contributed to and otherwise helped her campaign in her winning her first race. "I'm thrilled to death," she said. "I'm ready to work."

She carried her native Wythe County, Bland County and Tazewell County, while Keister carried his own Pulaski County and Giles County. (link)
Now where is that Boucher character?


This assessment of Jerry Kilgore's campaign seems about right to me:

Kilgore Kaput,

By David Holman, The American Spectator

Virginia rejected Jerry Kilgore and his brand of politics last night. While President Bush took responsibility for the race Monday, for better or for worse, this failure is the Kilgore campaign's alone. Sure, Lieutenant Governor Tim Kaine ran a tight, on-message, nearly mistake-free campaign. But Kilgore is the one who entered the race up by as many as 10 points in the spring and summer; it was his to lose. Straying from articulating a strong, positive conservatism made Kilgore's candidacy one that a presidential visit and an unprecedented Get Out the Vote effort could not salvage.

Conservatives will not be taken for granted, as an interest group placated with code words. Yes, John Paul II celebrated a culture of life: now what are you going to do about it? Jerry Kilgore wasn't too sure when Tim Russert asked him that in September. The same goes for taxes. Kilgore was for lower taxes. What does that mean if you won't commit to rolling back the tax increase?

... we're learning that Republicans who obscure their conservatism just don't win elections in conservative areas. The Republican Lieutenant Governor-elect, Bill Bolling, nailed it in his victory speech last night: the voters "will vote for conservative leaders who clearly communicate that vision for the future." Indeed. (link)

When will they ever learn?

More of the Same II

Just as we can expect more of the same here in Southwest Virginia, the people of New Jersey seem to want their dismal political leadership to continue to rule as well.
By TOM TOPOUSIS , The New York Post

Sen. Jon Corzine surged to victory in the race for New Jersey governor last night, overcoming a last minute free fall sparked by his ex-wife publicly saying he'd "let New Jersey down" if elected.

With 91 percent of the precincts reporting, the Democrat was leading Republican Douglas Forrester by a hefty margin of 54 to 43 percent.

In a victory speech to 400 supporters, Corzine — who had been tagged by Forrester as part of the state's corrupt ways of governing — pledged to "change the way the public business is done in New Jersey." (link)
What Corzine is referring to is the fact that the state of New Jersey is, hands down, the most corrupt state in the USA. And he has a right to talk about it as he's allegedly part of it.

The people have decided they want more of the same. Go figure.