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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The World's Gone Mad

You won't believe this:
Sculpture sets contemporary auction record of 23.8 million dollars
Yahoo News

NEW YORK (AFP) - A large-scale metal sculpture by American artist David Smith has become the most expensive work of contemporary art ever sold at auction, fetching 23.8 million dollars at Sotheby's in New York.

Five bidders competed for Smith's "Cubi XXVII" which was the starting lot at a Wednesday evening sale of 54 contemporary works that brought in 114.5 million dollars.

The 1965 sculpture was finally snapped up by Manhattan dealer Larry Gagosian at nearly twice its high estimate of 12 million dollars. (link)
Larry must be very happy.

Good grief.

Hattip to Matt Drudge
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Photo courtesy of Yahoo News!

The Real Kaine Emerges; This Didn't Take Long

Here's how these things always play out (a la Bill Clinton):
  • First the Democrat runs away from his (clear) record and pledges to not raise taxes. "I promise..."
  • He gets elected by a trusting citizenry. Poor shlimazels.
  • He immediately announces a plan to "go to the people" in town hall-type meetings to come up with a "plan" to solve a particular problem. The "plan" to solve the problem he ballyhooed before being elected mysteriously disappears.
  • With a downward gaze and a sad look (and in Clinton's case, a quivering lower lip) , he declares that he tried and tried but was unable to come up with a plan to fix (fill in the blank) without raising taxes.
  • He raises taxes.

In today's news:

Kaine names team; sets highway hearing

Gov.-elect Timothy M. Kaine turned yesterday to old friends, campaign aides and political insiders to begin fashioning his government.

The Democrat, bleary-eyed but upbeat, also announced town hall-type meetings to spotlight solutions to the state's transportation problems that might include new taxes [my emphasis]. (link)

Does anyone out there believe Tim Kaine's one-and-only solution to Northern Virginia's transportation problems won't be to raise taxes? Is he a Democrat?

Just skip the town hall nonsense, Tim, and do what your kind do best.

We the electorate have asked for it. We deserve it.

How Proud They Must Be

From the Associated Press:
Al-Qaida claims responsibility for killing 57 in Jordan
By JAMAL HALABY, Associated Press Writer

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) -- Al-Qaida claimed responsibility in an Internet posting Thursday for three suicide attacks on Western hotels that killed at least 57 people, as police clamped down on security and began running DNA tests to try to identify the bombers.

The nearly simultaneous attacks late Wednesday also wounded more than 115 people, police said. Several arrests were made overnight, although it was unclear if those arrested were suspects or witnesses. (link)
Mr. Bush, please hunt them all down and kill them.

Why Are They So Afraid?

Sometimes I think the people at the New York Times must lead such frightened lives. How else to explain this reaction to the Kansas School Board's decision to allow dissent in public schools there to the theory of evolution?
Evolution and the Electorate

... Kansas seems to be veering once again toward supernatural science. Six years ago, the Kansas State Board of Education gutted its statewide science standards to eliminate evolution as an explanation for the development of humanity, and tossed out the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe as well. That madness was reversed the following year, when voters dumped three of the conservative board members responsible.

Now the current board has narrowly approved new science standards that leave evolution in place but add specific criticisms that schools are urged to teach. Most significant, the definition of science is changed so it is not limited to natural explanations.

The standards, which define the material to be covered in statewide science tests, won't take effect until 2007 at the earliest. That leaves time for the electorate to once again dump the board members responsible for this lunacy. (link)
The Times editorial staff, unlike the rest of us, you see, knows all about the origins of life and therefore, believes there should be no deviation from their established dogma, no inquiry into that from whence we came, no alternative expanations for our existence.

Such sad, miserable, frightened creatures.