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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My Senator At It Again

John Warner has got to go. He was at it again yesterday doing everything he could to undermine the morale of our troops in time of war and to give aid and comfort to a global enemy that is still plotting to murder every one of us.

The shameful story from the New York Post:

It's disturbing enough that Democrats have become so hostile to America's efforts to fight terror, particularly in Iraq. But now Republicans ... also seem to be peeking at the polls and going all wobbly on the Iraq campaign.

It's pathetic.

And dangerous.

[A bill introduced by the Republicans] demands that 2006 be "a period of significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty, with Iraqi security forces taking the lead for the security of a free and sovereign Iraq, thereby creating the conditions for the phased redeployment of United States forces from Iraq."

... [the statement] send[s] a message to terrorists that U.S. resolve is waning. That Americans are tiring of the fight, recoiling from their losses and destined to get the troops out of Iraq — ASAP.

That is, it's just a matter of time for the thugs: If they can just hang on long enough, America will quit — and they'll win.

How sad. It is exactly that kind of wobbliness that encouraged the jihadists to launch their savage war in the first place.

... make no mistake: Iraq is the most important battlefield today in the War on Terror.

Certainly Democrats, many of whom voted to invade Iraq, have been despicable on the subject. Yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid bragged about forcing the Senate "to change the policy of the United States with regard to Iraq."

But for the GOP — Frist and Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner ... to go along is truly disheartening.

In the end, the War on Terror won't be dictated by polls or political jockeying, but by facts on the ground. Better that ground be in Iraq — than New York. (link)

Warner has to go. Maybe they all do. The way Republicans in Congress are trying their best these days to act like Democrats, maybe we should banish them all into exile and start over again.

Pathetic isn't the word for it.

This Is What The Left Calls 'Inclusion'

Remember when the Episcopal Church decided that it needed to be more inclusive - so it ordained an openly gay Bishop Eugene Robinson?

Well, their "inclusiveness" is tearing the church apart.

Church departs Virginia Diocese
By Julia Duin, The Washington Times

South Riding Church, a small Episcopal mission of about 150 members in eastern Loudoun County, has become the first church to secede from the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia.

"Our church upholds the authority of Scripture, and the leadership of South Riding Church can no longer compromise our faith by remaining under the spiritual and jurisdictional authority of the Episcopal Church and this diocese," said the Rev. J. Philip Ashey, pastor of South Riding. (
Now you'd think church leaders would be troubled over the rift that has resulted in "dozens of Episcopal churches having left the 2.2-million-member Episcopal Church over the Robinson consecration to affiliate themselves with overseas Anglican bishops" and would want to bring healing and a message of conciliation to the those who feel the church has determined to exclude them. Well, you'd be wrong. Church leaders are pissed and want to punish those who have defied their leftist decrees.
Episcopal Bishop John B. Chane of Washington, who on Monday condemned the "provocation" of a new Anglican church founded in his diocese by conservatives, is seeking advice from the archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, the head of the worldwide Anglican Communion.
My guess is Chane would like to burn the heretics at the stake. Or at least banish them to the eternal flames of hell. This from one of the leaders of the church of peace and love. Compassion. Inclusiveness.

As a suggestion, Chane and Robinson might want to get together and retool their message. How's this sound? "You'll love your fellow man or we'll rip your f***ing eyes out and p**s in your brain!" Clear. Concise. And it fits.

Maybe There's Hope For The Future

Chad over at Commonwealth Conservative announces - with a high degree of confidence - that our mysterious and elusive - and rabidly liberal - congressman, Rick Boucher, (did I mention feckless?) may have a real fight on his hands come election day here in the I-wish-we-would-someday-start-the-fight-here-in-the-Fightin' Ninth Congressional District.

Here's Delegate Bill Carrico's official biography. He's a retired state trooper. He's Pentecostal (which means The Roanoke Times will oppose him with the kind of blind hatred we've come to expect from them). Bill's a local guy, originally from Marion.

Carrico, you may recall, got on the bad side of the ACLU earlier in the year over this issue, a very reasonable - but doomed from the start - effort at securing religious liberty for those persecuted by a liberal judiciary. Both the ACLU and the Roanoke Times opposed him on his attempt at amending the state constitution to guarantee a person's right to pray on public property (the horror!). The ACLU and the Times and the liberal Virginia senate committee that took up their cause won.

Roanoke Times AND the ACLU AND Boucher. Open up those polls, baby. Let me at 'em. Bill Carrico for President. Uh, well, I guess he'll be setting his sights a bit lower - for now.

Anyway, keep an eye out on this one. We're going to have some fun.